LA WAYAKA: dust and fur

A sustainable residency in the Atacama Desert - Stephanie K Kane

LA WAYAKA: dust and fur
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This project received pledges on Mon 26 Aug 2019


I have been offered the unique experience to join six other artists from around the world to create, collaborate and research in one of the driest places in the whole world. By dry I don’t mean boring, dry as in there are areas in this place that rain has never touched in its recorded existence! I will be raising £1700 to take part in a month long residency in the Atacama Desert in Chile, South America at the end of August 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo Credit: La Wayaka


I am an award winning artist, creating artworks that have featured from the walls of the TATE to the homepage of Apple. My work holds an autobiographical aspect, created in response to things people have said as insults that are funny or memorable sentences. Things like, 'Your hands are ugly, you've got artists hands' or 'Do you know what comes up when you Google your name?' I work with a number of mediums from oil paints to crayons to using the iPad.                                                                                                                                                                     Photo Credit: Ryan O'Toole Collett


This will be the first artist residency I have been on and I want to take the change in culture and temperature (40 degrees in the day down to -2 at night) to test and push myself as a creative and as a person. I don’t want to go to the desert to use materials that I know instantly how to use and what I am good at. I want to explore what shape my work will take when put into a completely new situation. Most of my work has been made on the iPad or with oil paints - both don’t do very much for the environment. I want to work in the desert creating my own pigments and tools utilizing my natural surroundings, collecting sustainably and without affecting myself, the collaborators or the space. I hope this will fuel my future works and allow me to take a more sustainable rather than traditional route with my work.

La Wayaka is a non-profit organisation that gives space and time to artists/creative thinkers in three remote locations (Tropic, Arctic and Desert). Their aim is to engage artists in socio-political and environmental discussions, bringing awareness to a larger audience through site-responsive projects.                                                                                                                                                                 iPad drawing by Stephanie K Kane


My minimum target is £1700 which is the cost of the residency minus financial aid from La Wayaka.

If I reach my full target, the amount raised will be spread between the cost of the residency and put towards return flights London - Calama.

If I exceed my full target, the extra amount will be put towards an exhibition on my return showing the work I have made on this residency.

Accommodation/Work Space: 

£840 (£40 Per Day)

Food /Water:

£441 (£21 Per Day) 

Local Transfer To/From Airport in Calama:

£84 (£42 x2 Trips)

1-2 Hr Curated Talks/Activities with Local Collaborators + Translation:

£105 (£35 Per Session x 3 Sessions) 

Local Managers (Creative + Technical Support/Advice):

£630 (£30 Per Day)

Research Trips (Entrance Fees, Translator, Logistics, Transport etc.):

£300 (£60 Per Trip x 5 Trips)

Total = £2400

Minus Financial Aid from La Wayaka = £700

Total = £1700


Down the side I’ve put up some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out. 


I'll be posting updates on my journey and creativity mainly on my instagram and facebook page. 


I'd love it if you did but you don't need to give money to help me get there! Please share my project with anyone you think would support this amazing opportunity. Whether it be on Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn or tannoy - the more people that know, the more likely we are to make this work out just perfectly!

Thank you for your support and I’m super excited to share with you all that is created!