Get people to take your online survey for free by filling out theirs in exchange!

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We are developing a free website on which anyone can post a link to their online survey and automatically collect responses in exchange for taking surveys of others.

The Problem and our solution

During our studies, we noticed how difficult it was to get respondents to our survey. We had to beg friends and family or post it on Facebook and pray for any good Samaritan to take the time to help us. As we noticed that we were not the only ones having this problem, we looked for a way to organise this community in need!Our concept is based on reciprocity. Users are answering surveys of other community members in order to get respondents for their own research. Our platform ensures this is done in an organised and honest manner. We started developing a simple concept that we improved iteratively. Having our own survey on the website helps us to collect very important user feedback.We now want to take it a step further. Make it more professional, add features, improve its design and grow. The more users we have the faster people get responses and the more responses, the better the quality of the research.

About us

We are a complementary team consisted of:

Jakub Zimola - Student at University College London (UCL) pursuing a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. He is responsible for Business Development & Marketing.

Benoit Mangin - Project manager at Bosch. He is responsible for the software development.

How do we want to spend the money?

All of your donations will be used to improve user satisfaction by:

- Developing new features like selecting the target demography or filtering relevant surveys. Expected Cost:  £5000- Increasing the speed and simplifying the user interface. Expected Cost: £3000- Working on a better design.Expected Cost: £2000- Any extra money will be used for spreading the word on the internet and in universities.


Anyone who has a SurveyTandem account will be given free Tandem Miles (points to spend for respondents):

- 200 Tandem Miles for £5 or more- 500 Tandem Miles for £10 or more- 1200 Tandem Miles for £20 or more- 2000 Tandem Miles for £30 or more- 4000 Tandem Miles for £50 or more- 10 000 Tandem Miles for £100 or more

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