Sustainability Hoop House

Lengthening the growing season and providing educational opportunities for students.

Sustainability Hoop House
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The Office of Sustainability is raising money to build a hoop house at the lower garden. A hoop house is a plastic-covered structure used to grow crops.

Who are we?

The Office of Sustainability at Messiah College exists “... to cultivate an ethos of ecological citizenship and stewardship through education, sustainability planning, and community engagement to create an environmentally, socially, and economically just world.”

our Garden's story

The Grantham Community Garden is a student-inspired, student-led effort to demonstrate and promote real life concepts of sustainable agriculture--a necessary dimension of holistic Christian stewardship. Ten years ago, the garden was established by Messiah students to enrich their lives by cultivating the earth. This program has become a crucial part of campus life as students, faculty/staff, and community members come together to learn about the benefits of eating fresh produce and tapping into local farm economies for food resources.

Why a hoop house?

Produce from the garden is currently sold at local farmer's markets on and off campus during the summer and fall months. A hoop house would allow us to extend our growing season into the late winter and early spring months. The hoop house will be an additional educational resource for those interested in agricultural studies and sustainability.

Where will the money go?

The money raised will go directly to the purchase and development of a hoop house at the lower garden.

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