Improving environmental sustainability to make tomorrow better

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"By establishing this fruit and vegetable garden here at the Bentley campus, we're all helping to make tomorrow better for the Curtin community and the environment."

Our Goal 

Enhance Curtin’s commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.

Did you know? Climate change is a growing problem and we owe it to future generations to act now before it is too late. Rising temperatures in Western Australia will lead to a hotter, drier climate, an increase in bushfires, and rising sea levels, which could impact on coastal settlements, infrastructure, and ecosystems. [

So what can you do to help? At Curtin University we are working hard to create an environmentally sustainable campus. In fact, Curtin University has been awarded Australia’s first ever 5 Star Green State – Communities rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (check out more information on this here). Your donation can help us get even closer to achieving this goal.

The Projects

A $20 donation could go towards planting more trees, not only to soak up carbon, but also to provide shelter for wildlife, such as our resident black cockatoos.

Or help upgrade infrastructure at Curtin’s community vegie garden, where we teach sustainability principles, lead leadership workshops and grow fresh vegies. 600 students and community members visit every year, and this is growing!  A $50 donation could help ensure our garden remains a vibrant sustainability hub for the community

A $100 donation could provide more on-campus electric bikes, which will help reduce carbon emissions, fuel use, ease traffic congestion and speed up transport times around campus.

Or contribute to our student research projects with a donation of $500 or more. Help our students explore the health and sustainability of native wildlife at Curtin’s Bentley campus.

If 250 of Curtin’s 190,000+ alumni support this initiative with $80 each, we can raise $20,000 and really make a difference to Curtin’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

By donating to this project, you can help us create a sustainable future and together, we can make tomorrow better.

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How you can help!

$20 - Who hates trees? Nobody! So make a donation and help plant more trees on campus.

$50 - Student vegie garden project. Fresh vegies for students! Help make our garden a sustainability hub for the community.

$100 - E-bikes! They’re not quite hoverboards but electric bikes are just as futuristic. Make sure we get some more for our fleet.

$500 - Campus wildlife research. Support student research projects to investigate native wildlife.

Meet the Project Leader for the student vegie garden - Peter Cope

1. Why is this project important to you?
The Curtin Student Garden Project is important because it teaches skills that are as important in life as any professional course of study. It provides a work/life balance to the intensive study environment.By engaging students, staff, community and university faculties, the garden spaces offer an environmental and sustainability focus, while couching invaluable "Soft Skills" such as responsibility, initiative, independence, time management, team-building, leadership, communications and patience into its activities.

2. Why should others support this project?
Every culture on the earth has a gardening tradition of some kind and plants and food always bring people together. The Curtin Garden Project needs support because it facilitates large numbers of international and local student volunteers and Curriculum in an open, relaxed and familiar setting which enables new friendships to develop, often for life, with plants & food as the common theme. Continued support would also help develop "satellite gardens" at other locations in the future, developing uniquely different spaces around the Bentley Campus.

3. How will additional funding help this project?
Funding towards the Curtin Garden Project will immediately provide a much needed sheltered structure from the elements and a food preparation area in the space. This will enable food from the garden to be included in activities demonstrating preserving and storing techniques such as sun-dried tomatoes, preserving olives and fruits. The already well established 7 year old garden at Kyle Avenue has great potential to be a "Sustainability Hub" showcasing old and new conservation techniques, reminding us all that the simple things in life are often the best.

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