Swansea University Athletics & XC: Club Fundraiser

Help us raise funds to grow and maintain one of the largest sports clubs in Swansea University.

Swansea University Athletics & XC: Club Fundraiser
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our vision, our goals, our community 

We are raising money to support the financial position of our club. This will allow us to both fund and support our high performance, competitive and social athletes, giving them access to the best training facilities, coaches, competitions and much more!

To be able to provide adequate training for all ages, backgrounds, discipline and abilities is our goal and our vision. We believe everyone at Swansea University, be them student or staff, should have the opportunity to run, jump or throw socially or competitively.

Who are we?

We are Swansea University's athletics club led by our Club Captain, Nathan Phillips. Our club is organised by Club Secretaries, Charles Djamdjian and Jack Houghton, Track and Field, Captain Bradley Tenura, and Cross Country Captain, Conor Smith.

Why SUPPORT us?  

Swansea University Athletics and Cross Country are one of the oldest and largest sports clubs in Swansea University. We have students who have been running since they were six with a long history of athletics and students who have only taken up the sport at University and already excelled (even breaking meeting records!).

Despite being a club of many abilities, the atmosphere within this team, this family, is so great that it enables people of different disciplines, ages and backgrounds to work together towards that same goal, representing Swansea. We all want to create a name for the university and allow people, of all ages, to follow their passion.

Our vision is to create a club for everyone. We want to be able to continue providing support and additional training opportunities to our high performance and competition athletes whilst also encouraging the wider University community, be it student, staff, family or friend, to take up running for their health and wellbeing and also to just have fun with like-minded people.

We have a strong team of athletes with a strong future. Each donation will enable each one of the athletes to get one step closer to achievement in their athletics career. We want to support them in whatever way we can and with your financial support, we will be able to make a real difference for students, the University and the community.

In order for use to continue being a club for everyone and maintain our ability to provide training and opportunity for people of all disciplines, backgrounds and ages we really need your help.

We are raising money to aid the financial situation of our club, which, if not resolved will prevent us from offering the variety and opportunities to all members of our club.

Swansea University Athletics and Cross Country club are eternally grateful for your help; any support you are able to offer will go a long way.

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Follow us on our journey and to see how your money has helped our club succeed! Facebook: Swansea University Athletics Club Twitter: @swansathletics Instagram: @swansathletics Website: www.swanseauniathletics.co.uk

Or if you have any ideas how you can help us in a different way, email us on running@swansea-sports.co.uk