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Syrian Fundraising Dinner

A night of festivities and a night of ponderance...live entertainment, authentic food, auctioning...

Syrian Fundraising Dinner
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This project received pledges on Wed 14 Dec 2016

Join us in Celebration

Become pro-active and help to alleviate the horrors of modern-day war crises.

Syrian Solidarity Society has made it a tradition to create a night you will remember for a long time: Returning to Colchester campus for the third year, they have teamed up with various other societies to put together a night of music, authentic Syrian food, inspirational and informative speakers, as well as auctioning off art work- all in the name of Syrian war alleviation. 

In the past, this project has raised a Thousand Pounds in one night! Let us continue up this fundraising tradition and keep the ball of hope rolling!

This year, Syrian Solidarity Society is collaborating with Amnesty International Essex Society and the Human Rights Society, aiming to provide the best Syrian night, yet!

This includes throwing a lavish Syrian dinner party catered for by a Syrian Restaurant, as well as having local Syrian refugees prepare some of their favourite side dishes and desserts, inviting Syrian speakers to discuss and present current issues from a unique, personal perspective, and having professional Syrian musicians perform to set our musical souls back into a different time, a glittering reminiscence of Syria's rich culture and heritage. To finish the night off with a twist, an auction will take place to highlight and emphasise the underlying idea of fundraising for this special cause. 

So what are we fundraising for?

This crowdfunding page is intended to cover the costs of the running of the night: This includes paying the food bills, the venue details such as decorations which will turn the night into a sparkling Syrian dream, as well as hiring the professional musicians! We do not want any of the money that is raised on the night to go towards the planning and realisation of the night, as we intend to fully donate all of the fundraised money to our designated charity. 

All proceeds from the night (this includes tickets, donations, auction proceeds) are given to Mosaic Initiative. This is a registered charity that provides aid and relief projects to people affected by the crisis in Syria, concentrating their efforts on education. Looking beyond the current situation and envisaging a Syria in recovery, where people can return to their homes. To that effect, they implement meaningful and sustainable projects, notably promoting uninterrupted education that will provide stability for Syrians well into the future. The main projects is the Mosaic Initiative Anamel Schools Programmes, which aims to provide education and educational opportunities for young people between the age of 14 and 18 in three secondary schools that are directly affected by the conflict; also, Mosaic aims to support these students  to continue their education with minimal interruption, and to provide an environment where they are also actively prevented from involvement in conflict, such as being recruited by armed groups. 

Rewards - if you decide to donate:

  • You will become part of Essex's legacy in alleviating the Syrian crisis!
  • Your name/your society will receive special mentioning at the Syrian Fundraising Event and a list of all sponsors will be made public.

Join our Fundraising Dinner here:


Help us succeed! 

  • whether it is as an individual 
  • or your favourite society holding a bake sale to donate on behalf of the entire group:  

Become a part of this amazing journey!

Thank you!

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