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High quality, age-appropriate, non-judgmental forum on sex and relationships.

Let's Talk Sex
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Completion Date: Fri 19 Jul 2013

Sex Education

Sex education has had some bad press recently. Apparently, even using the word sex is controversial.

Sex shouldn't be a taboo. Sexuality is an intrinsic part of being human and sexual development is part of growing up. 

The mechanics of sex is taught in biology but there needs to be a balance; teach children about sex but also about healthy and equal sexual relationships. 


What is Let's Talk Sex?

I believe if we focus on the real issues of sex, such as, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, pornography, abuse, the media and let's not forget, love, with high quality, age - appropriate, non judgemental forums on sex and relationships, then we will have a generation who are empowered to make informed choices about their bodies and future. 

Think back to when you were growing up. Who taught you most about sex? I'm willing to bet it was your friends! 

With this in mind, we would like to encourage peer - to - peer teaching by rolling out the 'Let's Talk Sex,' forum to 50 students from various schools in London, then take what they discovered back to school to share with their peers. 


Here is how it will work:

Peer-to-Peer Teaching 

  • We hold a 'Let's Talk About Sex' forum for 50 students from the most deprived areas of London.

  • After the forum, attending students receive a resource pack complete with lesson plans, guidance, activities, and presentations, so they can return to school/college to continue the 'Let's Talk About Sex' with their peers

  • This means children are learning from each other honestly, maturely and freely. 

  • It is a small step to creating a generation who are empowered to make informed choices in sex and relationships. 

  • It is entirely non - judgemental and certainly not preachy. We never tell a student want to do. The forum simply provides a safe environment for teenagers to discuss their concerns & opinions while learning the facts. 


The Project and You

It is a sad truth that school budgets are a victim of the current economc climate and our dreams are bigger than us, that is why we need you!


The Cost

The cost to hold the forum will be £1600. This includes venue hire, speaker fee, travel expenses and the resource packs for each student attending. 

As students will be coming from tough financial backgrounds we would like to help the student and school further by contributing towards travel expenses. 

The Breakdown: 

  • We have budgeted £460 for venue hire at the Southbank University in London.

  • The speaker will be paid £200, including expenses. 

  • £250 has been set aside for student travel expenses at £5 per head. 

  • Another £300 has been reserved for publishing & printing the resource materials for students to take back to school. Students will also receive the resources on a USB. 

  • The remaining £190 will go towards Paypal & Crowdfunding fees, rewards and any nasty hidden costs we haven't forseen! 


About Us

The Let's Talk Sex is run by Director, Carrie Starbuck. 

She says...

"My sex education was pretty basic. I remember being part of the awkward girls club sniggering at the back of the biology class while we watched a cartoon video on reproductive organs. This may have been sufficient when I was 11 years old but as a teenager I wanted and needed more, hence 'Let's Talk Sex,' being a major focus and passion of mine.

I run the family business, Learning Performance Training, the largest study skills company in the UK. It will be this fabulous company who spearheads this project.

Schools have shown great interest in this forum (we have visited 100 schools with the workshop to date) yet severe budget constraints at schools have stopped us going further.

It is worth pointing out that although Learning Performance is a profit making company this particular project is non profit. That is how much we believe in the forum and importance of its message."

We hope you believe in this project too. So please support by contributing or by getting involved! 

To keep up with the latest updates follow us on Twitter @LPerformance.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website www.learningperformance.com or check out Carrie's blog 'Let's Talk Sex.'

Thank you! 


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