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Tappuccino goes to Fringe!

Help a children's show about a tap dancing coffee bean go to the Fringe Festival!

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Completion Date: Mon 08 Jul 2019


We need to raise money (ideally about £5,000) to take our original show to Fringe. After selling out our run in Durham and receiving incredible reviews (extracts below), we decided to take our show to Fringe! The show is being developed as a family show intended to teach children about sustainability and the environment in a fun and interactive way! 

The show has been very well received so far after a completely SOLD OUT run in Durham. The show recently WON BEST PRODUCTION at the Palatinate Awards, and is currently nominated for BEST PRODUCTION at the D'Oscars. 

The show was created by Rhys Rodrigues and Rosie Dart. Both have been heavily involved in the Durham Theatre scene (having been part of over 50 shows between them. Rhys has worked extensively in Collingwood's theatre scene, and more recently involved in Collingwood's photography society. He has loved his time in Collingwood and would love Tappuccino to establish a lasting connection between him and the College. 

our story

Tappuccino was originally written by Rhys and Rosie, both Durham University finalists. Tappuccino is unique as it combines several different art forms (song, tap dancing, puppetry, circus etc.) to tell the story about a coffee bean who escapes being turned into a coffee in order to pursue her dream of being a tap dancer (yes..!). We wanted to create this literally because we wanted people to smile, and after our sell out run in Durham we think we succeeded! 

A brand-new interactive, playful and joyous show that follows a tap-dancing coffee bean on her adventures across the world! From befriending a barista to saving the rainforests, though this bean is little, she has big dreams and dares to be different.

Told through original songs, tap dancing and circus, this show is pure magic and promises to be a 'sweet theatrical experience like no other' ★★★★★ (Palatinate).

We decided to develop this into a children's show as we realised it had a huge potential to appeal to children and educate them on sustainability and the environment in a fun and interactive way. We would massively appreciate any donation whatsoever towards this project as it's not simply donating to a show to go to fringe, but an investment in a show that could be further developed into a way to educate children on the environment!

Being able to take this show to the Ed Fringe Festival will massively help us both personally. We both want to enter theatre professionally as we're now graduating, and taking Tappuccino to Fringe will massively help this. Previous Durham graduates have directly got jobs from meeting people at Fringe, and many successful theatre shows originally started of as a Fringe show. Being able to take this show to Fringe will massively help both the success of the show and help us personally get into theatre professionally. 

Where will the money go?

The money will go to all costs that Fringe include. If we reach our minimum all of this will likely go towards the venue. We were very lucky to get Gilded Balloon for the month (one of the biggest and most successful Fringe Venues, which will help MASSIVELY with our ticket sales), but means we have to pay a lot of money to have the venue! All the costs below are essential and so we have to find other funding or pay fromour own pockets!

Fringe registration fee: £394

Marketing and publicity fee (w/Gilded Balloon): £600

Venue deposit+ brochure fees: £1354 

Accommodation: £2000-£2500

Show publicly costs (flyers, posters etc.): £200

Personal living costs for us both: (around about) £800-£1000to live in Edinburgh for the month


We have several fun rewards, mainly mentioning key donors and exposure and public gratitude of your good will! 

Images and video

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNJbG6KU2bo&feature=youtu.be

Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t_n_gT7ZZgVxb475L_halaIal0-3-HAi



‘Tappuccino makes simplicity work in its favour and does the impossible in bringing a literal coffee bean to life. Such a fun and unique project, ... it is something special.’

‘leaves the audience laughing and wanting more.’


‘Rosie Dart is incredible in her role as the coffee bean. She is caffeine incarnate. She brings abounds of energy and talent in a kinetic performance, and you will be in awe at her for the entirety of the production.’

‘Rhys Rodrigues is a very good fit for his role as barista, and is also a clearly talented musical performer.’

‘The two performers are seamless.’

‘This short production is indeed hard to find fault in’

‘you feel deeply involved in and moved by this clever and quirky play’

‘would recommend to all for an intriguing and sweet theatrical experience like no other.’

‘An excellently well written play.’


‘I urge the masses to witness it’

‘a dynamic duo’

Find us here

Twitter: @brunchbunchTC

Instagram: brunchbunchtc

Facebook: www.facebook.com/brunchbunchtheatre

Help us succeed!

  • Even if you don't want to donate yourself, please do share with any one or any groups/organisations that would be interested!
  • We're very keen, to be sponsored by and work with companies which a shared interest as Tappuccino, i.e organic coffee shops, sustainability companies, environmental companies, fair-trade companies etc. If you have any connections to something like this, please do get in touch or share this with them!