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Target Oxbridge

Support Students in Applying to Oxbridge

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This project received pledges on Fri 15 Jun 2018

What is Target Oxbridge?

Target Oxbridge is an access programme that helps students with black African and Caribbean heritage gain places at Oxbridge. The programme is run and delivered by Rare, a for-profit social enterprise..

Aimed at students in year 12, Target Oxbridge provides

  • Contact with black or minority ethnic graduates to help identify aims and ambitions
  • Advice on choices for higher education
  • Guidance on the UCAS application process
  • Critical theory discussions and interview practice.

Students selected onto the course will have already proven their academic potential, having scored 5A*-A at GCSE. Since 2012, it has helped 81 students secure offers.

It needs our help in order to remain free for the students it takes on. Each place costs College £1250 and we have agreed to sponsor 2 places - so we need to raise a total of £2500.

For more information, please visit the Target Oxbridge website:


About us

Tom- JCR president

We believe that this is a really important cause. Not only is a lack of diversity across Oxford unrepresentative, but it is also unfair- causing those who have the potential to succeed to be passed over in the application process. Target Oxbridge gives students with black African and Caribbean heritage the chance to fulfil their potential.

This is something that the whole JCR has been getting behind. We are organising a number of other fundraising events throughout Trinity Term- tournaments, international food fairs, promise auctions and concerts. We really hope that you will help us reach our goal.

Kir - JCR Equalities representative.

Hello! My name is Kir and I am the current equalities rep for St Anne’s college. Target Oxbridge is a really great initiative which is helping diversify Oxford- and it really needs diversifying. My job effectively means I am one of the first ports of call when it comes to issues affecting minority students or specialised issues relating to women, LGBTQ+, BME or disabilities. I work with the individual reps to organise events which facilitate awareness amongst college students about the specific struggles and issues these groups face. I also frequently meet with the executive body to talk about practical ways to ensure that college is a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all - no matter what your background!

Ramani – JCR BME (Black and Ethnic Minorities) representative.

I firmly believe that Oxford must be as accessible and welcoming a place as possible for students from BME backgrounds, especially those who are black students. Target Oxbridge is a fantastic organisation because of the way it provides prospective students with invaluable help and guidance from BME mentors at Oxbridge. The programme helps to give those students the confidence to apply here and promotes a positive cycle of increased diversity at universities which can often seem closed off to BME communities.

At St Anne’s, I have promoted discussions around the issues that BME students face at university through arranging a talk by Sarah Atayero about the challenges of working in mental health as a black woman and through introducing compulsory race awareness workshops for future Freshers’ Weeks. I feel I have also strengthened the ties between the BME students here through organising BMEals and formal swaps with BME students at other colleges.

This term, I will be fundraising for Target Oxbridge by putting together a food fair with our International Students’ Rep Yoonji Lee. The event will involve students from college will be cooking and selling food from their home cultures. This sense of celebrating and sharing in our diversity is why St Anne’s as a college is especially excited and proud to raise money for Target Oxbridge.

How else are we raising money?

  • A college wide tournament
  • An auction of promises
  • Donation buckets
  • A concert
  • A game show
  • An international food fair


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Help us succeed!

To have the greatest chance of succeeding, we don’t just need donations- please help us by sharing the link to this page with all of your friends, and anyone that might be interested in the work done by Target Oxbridge!

Photo credits in video – John Cairns