Tasty T's African Cuisine

“African meals at your home with the click of a button”

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Completion Date: Fri 14 Oct 2016

    This project is in collaboration with the only existing African restaurant (Tasty T’s Cuisine) in Aberdeen to offer online order and delivery of African food. The restaurant would be remodeled to accommodate new equipment and an online ordering system. The delivery service would be hosted on Justeat.co.uk, it would enable customers order a variety of African delicacies online and have it delivered to the comfort of their homes. Customers also have the opportunity of ordering platters of mixed finger foods and other dishes needed for the catering of parties.

    Customers who choose to invest in the remodeling of the restaurant , will be entitled to i) Free first 20 deliveries ii) the chance to have a dessert and main dish named after them and numerous enticing offers.  

Project Timeline:

The remodeling is expected to run from October to December 2016 and the restaurant would be able to take online orders from the 9th of January, 2017.




Ø  What regions of Africa will the food be from?

·       Ingredients and meals will be from various parts of Africa such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa etc.

Ø  Are ingredients from organic grown farms?

·       Yes, African meals are dominantly prepared using ingredients from organic grown farms

Ø  Do you patronize local Aberdeen farmers?

·       Yes, the restaurant patronizes local Aberdeen farmers via the ANM group 

Ø  How much would delivery cost and how long would it take?

·       Average delivery cost of £2 and delivery will take approximately 30 mins

Ø  Do you deliver outside Aberdeenshire?

·       Yes, but this might attract additional cost as deemed fit by Justeat.co.uk

Ø  Do you deliver at night?

·       Yes, but the kitchen closes 12pm everyday so orders cannot be placed after 12pm

Ø  Will you offer non-dairy or vegan flavors?

·       Yes, as some of our meals are dairy free and vegetarian friendly

Ø  What is the shelf life of the food?

·       24 hours. Meals are freshly prepared daily.

Ø  Would allergen advice be displayed on the website?

·       Yes, it will be

Ø  How quickly can I redeem my rewards?

·       Rewards will be redeemed from the 9th January 2017 which is when the restaurant will be open for online orders