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Please support me in fundraising my mission year in at Familia Feliz Orphanage. Every penny counts!

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Hey guys! My name is Tatiana King and I have just graduated from Southern Adventist University. I love writing and performing poetry. I also love cooking and baking, hanging out with my friends but most importantly serving in my local community. I have been able to go on a short-term mission trip and it left a thirst for serving that has yet to be satisfied. I have been wanting to be a long-term missionary for as long as I can remember. Now, I am finally getting the opportunity!

I will be serving in Bolivia for 11 months as a house mother and teacher at an orphanage called Familia Feliz. It is located a little ways from the town of Rurrenabaque. Familia Feliz was a fairly new project which was begun in August of 2005 with 5 children, now it houses many more and its property stretches out over 250 acres. Unfortunately, they've had to close their doors from taking in some of the young children because they haven't had the financial support.

Each year Southern Adventist University sends out more than 60 full-time student missionaries. I have agreed to raise $5,100 for Southern's Student Missions program. As a group, the funds we raise will collectively help cover our airfare, visas, insurance training, and care packages. I am excited to serve as a student missionary! Will you help me reach my goal? Whatever you are able to give is greatly appreciate by the 2018 -19 student missionaries, the people we will serve, and also myself.

So please give whatever you can. If you can give $5, give $5, if you can give $100, then give $100. I will make updates every week to keep you updated on my status. Also if you would like to instead donate clothes, toys, or school supplies please email me at tatianak@southern.edu.

Mark 16: 15 - "He said to them, 'Go into all the world preaching the good news to all creation.'"

God Bless :)

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