Telegraph Hill

Grief is born where love is lost.

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Completion Date: Thu 14 May 2015


Hi. We are Paulo, Florida and Sophie; Filmmaking students at Kingston University. 

Paulo's interests lie in directing.

Florida plans to specialise in producing.

Sophie wants to manage art direction.

Your story

The film we are making has a lot of themes that we want to show to it's audience; losing a loved one, gay relationships and drugs are all touched upon within the story. 

We are essentially making this film for our university project, but as future filmmakers, it is important that every film we make is the best it can be. By helping us fund this project you will allow us to express the themes, feelings and views we want to portray through this film using higher quality cameras, professional actors, make-up artists, props and costumes etc.

Where will the money go?

By reaching our minimum goal we will spend the money on the actors, travel costs and some crew.

Reaching our target means that we can then pay for props, costumes, make-up artist, hair stylist, hiring a car and extra crew. 

Raising more than our target will allow us to go wild with locations and props, making our film even more visually amazing. This will increase chances of our film getting accepted to festivals and screening events.



- Director of Photography (5 days @ £50/day): £250

- Sound recorder (5 days @ £50/day): £250

- 1st AD (5 days @ £10/day): £50

- 2 x Runners (5 days @ £10/day): £100


- 2 Actors (5 days @ £20/day): £200

- 3 Actors (1 day @ £20/day): £60

Hair and make-up

- Hair stylist (4 days @ £30/day): £120

- Make-up artist (4 days @ £30/day): £120


- Fuel costs (5 days @ £15/day): £75

Props and costume

- Costume per actor (face masks, suits etc.): £200

- Props (horns, skulls etc.): £100

- 1990's car hire (1 day @ £115/day): £115


Every pound helps towards our target to ensure that this film is a success. Donating £15, £20, £30 or more will give you an extra special reward. Check it out!

Find us here

We will make sure to update you on the production of the film and show you how your donations are helping us.

Help us succeed!

We need as many people as possible to be talking about our film project. If you can't help us by donating some money then please help us promote; on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.