The Sustainability Lesson

An engaging project to enhance awareness of sustainability at UoN and the wider community.

The Sustainability Lesson
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This project received pledges on Thu 23 Feb 2017

A short summary of our project

Increasing environmental degradation and social fragmentation pose key threats to sustainable development in the 21st century. In turbulent times of ecological, socio-political and energy crises, understanding and enhancing sustainability awareness is essential to ensuring the adaptability and survival of future generations. Now, more than ever, collective sustainable action matters.

We are raising £500 to run our exciting initiative, 'The Sustainability Lesson'. The aim of the project is to enhance community engagement with sustainability, and thereby promote the application of sustainability in our community, society and wider environment. The project aims to send 18 students on a residential excursion to Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales to develop their sustainability skills through engaging workshops, lectures, projects and courses. They will then relay these skills to the wider community through 15 hours of project volunteering. Volunteering projects will include teaching sustainability in local schools; creating a readily-accessible sustainability magazine and video; running fundraising projects; and workshops at the university and with local charities.

In raising £500 to run our project, we will help to promote our sustainable future, and in turn make a palpable difference to the ways in which individuals perceive and interpret the world around us.


We are the University of Nottingham Student's Union Sustainability Society - a society that aims to unite like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainability and sustainable living. Myself, Ellen Salter, created the society in June 2015 after noticing that many students were interested in sustainability; however there were a paucity of opportunities for students to unite together and make a collective sustainable difference. We have six other passionate members on committee: Elaine Gray (media and marketing); Jack Tither (general secretary); Andrew Mitchell (treasurer); Sophie Ridler (social secretary); Luke Fortmann (events secretary); and Claire Seah (creative arts coordinator). We have a core group of 50 members; and a wider reach of a further 150. We have hosted a range of exciting projects including environmental film screenings; a sustainability week; and fundraising for a range of local charities.

Where will the money go?

Our project will reach more than 200 individuals; and will have a significant impact upon sustainable understanding and practices within the local community. With the vision to become the World's Most Sustainable City, enhancing sustainability at a personal level is a fantastic way to begin this sustainable transition.

All of the money raised from this funding page will go directly towards the viability of our project. Any additional money raised will go towards community out-reach and fundraising projects. Some of our costings:

  • Eco-Cabin Hire (2 nights @£260/night): £520
  • Return Coach to CAT: £900
  • Community Out-Reach Resources: £200 (Printing costs, Transportation costs. and Teaching Resources)
  • CAT Workshops, Lectures and Courses: £455


All donors will receive frequent news about the development of the project; access to the completed sustainability video; a copy of the Sustainability Magazine; and a finalised report about the impact of the project.

Donors will also be thanked; and gratitude will be expressed within our sustainability report and magazine; and on our social media pages. All donors will also be entered into a raffle

This is a fantastic way to make a real, sustainable difference within your community; not simply affecting the lives of those around you, but future generations, and the generations that follow.

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Instagram: @NottsSustainability

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