The Breach

History is written by the victors. But what about the men whose blood those victories were won with?

The Breach
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exploring masculinity in Shakespeare's Henry V

We are raising funds for our production The Breach, a new adaptation of Henry V that explores the darker side of Shakespeare’s famous story. Apricity Theatre’s new production is part of original research at Bath Spa University, experimenting with the performance of masculinities in Shakespeare’s work.

King Henry is a violent man a threat too great for France to ignore as his armies plunder their churches and burn their towns to the ground. Henry’s soldiers struggle to come to terms with the blood they have shed in the name of their king, while Princess Katherine prepares herself for the arranged marriage she knows is on its way. With ‘explosive’ battles (Theatre Bath) and thumping beats, this adaptation explores Shakespeare’s story through the eyes of the people used and forgotten by history.

Who are we?

A mix of student and professional actors, Apricity Theatre are an emerging local company making political and provocative theatre throughout the Southwest. Our previous Shakespeare adaptations, Between the Armies (featured on ITV West) and Fall of Kings, received five- and four-star reviews from 365 Bristol and Theatre Bath.

Meet the company - Tilda Dickinson, Alexandra Ricou, Toby Gibbs, Kian Pollard, Luke Hardwell, Patrick Withey, Tiffany Rhodes, and Charlotte McEvoy. Not to mention our fabulous creative team - Assistant and Fight Director Russell Eccleston, Lighting Designer Joe Samuels, Sound Designer Edward Terry, Composer Finn MacNeil, and Director / PhD Researcher Charlotte Turner-McMullan.

why the breach is important

We want to disrupt the oppressive narratives that have fuelled so much of English history, and The Breach is only the beginning. By focusing on Shakespeare's play from a new perspective we can give a voice to the people silenced by these narratives and bring a new life to old stories.

Your money will help the production reach venues throughout the Southwest to ensure our research connects with the people it could benefit most. If we reach our target, we will be able to reach areas of the Southwest where exciting experimental projects like this could make an impact for individuals in the community.

how your money can help

Your money will contribute to transporting the company and set to venues such as the Alma Tavern in Bristol and Cotswold Playhouse in Stroud, intimate, accessible venues that support small companies to reach out to local communities. By donating, you will help us achieve this goal, as well ensure the performers involved are paid fairly for their hard work, as every artist should be! 

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