Thornhill J and I School Radio & Mobile Studio

Enable our children to create their own radio shows and record live events

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Key Stats

% of students on pupil premium at our school: 37%

Number of students that will benefit: whole school

Age of students: 5 - 11


We are trying to raise £1500 to buy the equipment we need to start our own school radio station and portable recording studio. We want to be able to afford a mac book capable of handling both of these jobs. This will allow our students to write their own radio shows and put them on at lunch times, but also give them the opportunity to record performances and create a school CD. As well as the macbook we will need a licence, microphones, headphones, cables and software.

Our School

Our school is quite unique as we have a very strong and thriving music department.  Due to the nature of our catchment, we firmly believe that our children deserve a well rounded curriculum that does not just focus on the three Rs.

The school has appointed a music specialist and every child in school learns to play a different musical instrument every year.  They are taught to read and write music and some students (by year 6) are capable of writing songs worthy of GCSE level! Just visit our school webpage ( to see the talent show. Our winner this year was a student in Year 6 who independently wrote a song about her sister leaving for University!  We have a very low uptake of children who can afford music tuition from the local music service (due to the expense), so by employing a music teacher the children are allowed to explore their creative side.

The next stage in the development for our children, is for them to learn how to write a radio show and to build up their confidence to produce and run these throughout lunch time.  We also would like the children to be able to record performances so we can make a school CD rather than having an outside body come into school to do this. There are so many skills that this project will encompass as the children will have to: write their own show, time their shows and songs, read up on news, learn the science of the equipment and waveforms as well as learn the science behind microphone positions.

As a school we will make excellent use of these resources. Our children will reap the benefits for many years to come.


This project should benefit all students and give every child a chance to be involved with the radio and also in making a school CD. The main children who will be using the equipment to start with will be year s5 and 6.  This project however; is long term and all children will, at some point, have the opportunity to write their own show and have a go at recording.

Where your donations GO

1 x Mac Book @ £949.00

1 x Avid Pro Tools Student/ Teacher Annual Subscription @ £94.80

1 x XLR to MACBOOK Convertor @ £286.00

1 x XLR Cables for microphones @ £79.95

1 x Microphone for Radio Station @ £54.99

Delivery cost = £0

Credit card fees (2%): £30 (to cover the fees charged by the payment provider)

Grand Total = £1,486

See our recording of Run

This highlights our problem for recording in school at the moment!

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