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The World's First Toddler Lab

Transforming the lives of children with developmental disorders such as autism and ADHD

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This project received pledges on Mon 30 Apr 2018
Crowdfunding to help transform the lives of children with conditions such as autism and ADHD

At Birkbeck, our BabyLab researchers have received global recognition for their incredible discoveries, such as identifying one of the earliest markers of autism in babies as young as eight months.

But there is so much more to do. We need to keep up the pace of this research by extending our learnings from babies to toddlers and you can help us do that.

Pioneering new research requires pioneering technology, and this is why we are crowdfunding to raise £30,000 towards state-of-the-art equipment to give our amazing scientists the best chance of continuing their success.

Toddlers don’t sit still!

The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development, but everyone knows that toddlers don’t sit still. Until now this has made the study of their brain activity almost impossible, leaving a huge gap of knowledge around this age group.

But at Birkbeck we like a challenge. The Wohl Wolfson ToddlerLab will enable toddlers to move around freely and play whilst being observed in a controlled research environment.

Pioneering technology

Your support will equip the ToddlerLab with sophisticated wireless technology allowing toddlers to be toddlers, while tracking their brain activity and monitoring their behaviour.

An exciting example of the cutting-edge technology in the ToddlerLab is a virtual environment known as the “CAVE”; which simulates real-world surroundings, such as a farm or a supermarket, and monitors how toddlers’ brain activity changes depending on the world around them.

Research into autism and other developmental conditions

One in 100 people in the UK have autism. Together with their families, this means autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people.

Identifying the early signs of developmental conditions like autism makes it possible to design earlier and more effective interventions that can help enhance the lives of these children and their families. These leading discoveries also help us inform policy that can influence how the healthcare and education sectors identify and support these children.

Be a part of the transformation.

Donate today and together we can enhance the lives of children with developmental conditions and their families. Every gift has an impact on what we can achieve.

Spread the word .

Help us maximise the reach of the campaign by sharing the link with your friends, and family.

Be sure to use the hashtag #BBKToddlerlab and tag us in your post @BirkbeckAlumni !

From all of us at Birkbeck, thank you.

We are delighted to launch the campaign with a gift of £1,000 from alumnus Edward Glover CMG MVO and Dame Audrey Glover DBE.

The construction of the Wohl Wolfson ToddlerLab is being made possible thanks to generous donations from alumni, friends and foundations including:

The Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation

The Wolfson Foundation

Garfield Weston Foundation

Daniel and Elizabeth Peltz