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Completion Date: Mon 26 Mar 2018


Number of students that will benefit: 338

Age of students: 4-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 41.2%


Our amazing, inclusive school is located in Hebburn, which is a town not too far from Gateshead. (You may have even watched the TV programme about our little home town in the North East.)

The staff and children have worked tirelessly for the past few years, to make sure that the children in our school are enjoying their learning and making progress, no matter what their background or situation. The children say that they feel safe, happy and cared for at our school and this is what we do best.

Due to our inclusive nature, we are an ever-expanding school. So much bigger, in fact, that we needed two porta-cabins put on our field to accommodate all of our new recruits this year!

This is where the problem lies...we have 20 iPads to share between 338 (and growing) children.

We use our iPads as regularly as we can to enhance the children's learning. For example, to develop confidence and give the children an audience for their work, we created videos on How to Play Minecraft and a Guide to Earth, just in case an alien ever decides to visit! We use SeeSaw to share learning and photos with our parents at home.

The teachers use the iPads to record feedback for the children to watch and listen to, to ensure they are able to make the best progress that they can. Some children use the text to speech app to help them to write their sentences. We use them for research and even have quizzes set up by the teachers to play at the end of lessons to check our understanding. Among many, many other things!

What do you want?

We are looking for funding to expand our amount of iPads as much as we possibly - although we share them very well, it would give us so many more opportunities to use them in class and encourage our children to use technology that will no doubt help them in their future careers and life beyond school!

Who is this for?

These iPads will be part of a bank of iPads that every class in the school can have access to. By donating, you can support 338 children using technology as part of their education. As the little treasures from Year 2 mentioned in the video, the iPads have already, are used across the curriculum. Some more iPads will allow more classes to use them simultaneously within more subjects.

Why do you want it?

We want this funding to ensure that every child in our school can access technology and become confident and safe when using these items - as they will most likely be part of their everyday lives when they leave school.

We want to enhance the curriculum in school by using technology to improve outcomes for children. For example, our most recent writing was recognised by an author. We decided to tweet the author images of our work, in which she replied and said it was wonderful. The children were over the moon to know that someone (other than their teachers) had read their work and left positive feedback. This gives them an amazing purpose to their learning. It is important to show that, although it's important to know how to stay safe online, the internet can be a wonderful place of networking and connecting with others.


4 x iPad 9.7 Inch, 32GB @ £301.80 each = £1,213.20 (inc £6.00 delivery)

4 x iPad Shockproof Cases (Blue) @ £11.99 each = £47.96

1x Lightning to VGA Adapter @ £41.82

Subtotal: £1,302.98

Credit card fees (2%): £26.06

Grand total: £1,329.04


If you can donate absolutely anything, no matter how small, you will be helping our lovely school, with amazing children who deserve the best we can possibly give them.

If you aren't able to donate right now, please share this link with anyone you can! It will be appreciated!

We would love to have your support, it would make a huge difference to our children and would warm their hearts to think others are thinking of them and helping their school.

Thanks again,

Miss Cox