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To Shake + Disturb and Bring Us Back to Ourselves

An experimental exploration of the link between spirituality and overcoming global black oppression

To Shake + Disturb and Bring Us Back to Ourselves
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This project received pledges on Mon 23 Nov 2020

what will the film be about ?

The film will be an experimental exploration of ideas from African spirituality, and how ancestral connection and seeing oneself as part of a collective rather than solely an individual, can interconnect with the struggle for global black liberation. Using dance, the sound of drums and the steel-pan, the project will reflect a personal interpretation of the ideas mentioned, as well as the voice of others and their own perspectives.  A quote by Kehinde Andrews from his book entitled Back to Black states “There is a deep spiritual connection that runs through the history of black radicalism… it is based on moving away from the individual to the collective, to understanding that we can never feel joy when the masses are suffering, because they are an extension of ourselves.” Essentially, this project will be a call to awaken, to disturb, to shake and to realise the deep interconnection between us, our environment and each-other, and to acknowledge and act on the power that this holds. 


My name is Rhiana Bonterre and I am currently in my final year at Kingston School of Art studying filmmaking. Most of the work that I have produced over the past three years has been a mix between experimental and documentary, and I have a keen interest for exploring themes involving the Caribbean and it's diaspora as well as the notion of identity. 

Background on the idea for the film

  • The idea for this film came from my own fascination with different spiritual practices around the world, specifically ideas of seeing oneself as part of a collective; connected to all beings, our ancestors and the environment we live in. Another thing that fascinated me was the various ways different cultures honour their ancestors and maintain a connection with their deceased family by accepting their continued existence and presence in the spiritual realm. In addition to this, ideas of black radicalism and liberation have been circling my mind, and I knew that I wanted to use moving-image in expressing this.
  • With this project, I aim to express and gain a deeper insight into how the strive for black liberation intersects with spiritual ideas in touch with the belief systems of our ancestors from the continent and the idea of seeing ourselves as part of the bigger picture and connected to each other - rather than individuals separate from any struggle or goal not personal to ourselves. 
  • Being from Trinidad, I will naturally come to this project from a diasporic lens, as well as from a female one, and incorporate my own personal perspectives into the film.

Where will the money go?

  • Pay 2 dancers for choreography and 3 days work in total : £300
  • Steelpan musician £70 
  • Travel from London to Kent for filming £64
  • Costume, makeup and accessories for dancers £60 
  • Refreshments for dancers £25
  • Any extra money collected will be used to submit to festivals 
  • Anyone who donates will have a special mention in the credits of the film. I will also mail a physical postcard of a still from the film, together with a personalised message on it's completion ! 💛 

Find more of my work here !

Instagram : r.b_mp4.  Website : rhianabonterre.myportfolio.com

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