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An experimental documentary on sexual assault

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This project received pledges on Fri 30 Oct 2020

A short summary of our project

The film we are working on is an experimental documentary based on sexual assault and harassment against women. Our film will include voice narrations of real life incidents from women who were brave enough to come forward which we plan to depict through a performance art piece which will embody the different experiences to show the trauma and impact these kind of horrific acts can have on women. 

Who are WE?

We are an all female crew studying in our third year of university. We, as women ourselves, felt we would be able to do this heavy topic justice as we also have gone through similar things or have people close to us who have. 

our story

While sexual assault against women has become more widely spoken about thanks to the rise in the #metoo movement there is still a lot of stigma against women speaking out and women are often intimidated into staying silent in fear of judgement, humiliation and disbelief. While men may not think these kinds of situations are as big of a deal the amount of mental and physical lasting damage sexual violence causes to women is irreversible and something we have to live with for our entire lives. We want to showcase this in our film so we can educate people so they understand why movements like #metoo are so important to us. Sexual violence against women is something that it still not being taken seriously in many countries and we need to start opening this discussion more often and with stricter rules. 

Where will the money go?

Currently for our film we need funding for our actors and props 

We are hoping to raise about

  • £80 for our actors, this includes their pay per hour and travel fees if needed. 
  • £170 for props and other set necessities 


If you donate any amount you will get:

  • Your name in the end credits as a sponsor 

If you donate £5 or more you will get:

  • A copy of the film when it's completed and your name in the end credits.