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Completion Date: Wed 01 Aug 2018


Believing in the potency of Arts, TransArt is a pioneer online Arts education platform that facilitates creativity and popularises Arts-related knowledge at home, backed by the prevalence of internet and mobile devices. However, TransArt is more than an online program. Understanding the importance of offline learning, TransArt collaborates with local arts communities and art museums to ensure learning quality while improving their visiting experience.


Years of austerity in the UK results in continuous funding reductions in arts and cultural institutions from 2010 to 2017. Research shows that the funding is highly to decrease by 77% by 2020 . (Adams, 2017)

Additionally, the proportion of students enrolled in arts and music fell to the lowest level in decade because of the high cost of arts subjects and the “promotion of the narrow English Baccalaureate” that has been criticised for its lack of arts subjects (Bounds, 2017; Harvey, 2016; Abrams, 2017).

TransArt addresses the problems by providing tailored and affordable arts subjects online courses to students below 18 to foster creativity. As an online education program, TransArt aims at providing affordable arts subjects education for students below 18 because every child has the right to an education and the subject decision shall not solely made by the government. Understanding arts education is highly interactive, TransArt will organize weekly offline workshops to maximize users’ learning experience and to create social bonds by collaborating with local cultural councils, arts institutions and schools.

Our target audience in the short-run is students below 18. In the long-run, we will expand our customer base and segment the customers into three major categories: students (below 18 and higher education), professionals and the arts-passionate. By expanding the customer base, we are building an ecosystem that the users could interact and learn from each other.

Arts education not only fosters creativity, but also has a positive impact on one’s wellbeing. Recent research by Ennis and Tonkin (2018) found out that arts could improve self-esteem, self-confidence while gaining new skills and relationships. Additionally, it is also effective in preventing suicide and crime. (Mills & Brown., 2004)

Professor Andy Pratt on the importance of creative industries to British Economy.

A Little about Us

We are finalists studying at the University of Warwick.

In 2016, we initiated an art project, Transparent to facilitate cultural communication by exposing international students to different facets of British culture, after finding out that they have an extremely participation rate in arts and cultural events through some market research.

Transparent is collaborating with Warwick Arts Centre, Herbert Art Museum and Gallery in Coventry, Birmingham Art Museum and Gallery and Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to ensure more students could benefit from the service. The project has awarded Student Enterprise Funding from the University of Warwick. Believing in the potency of arts, we want to move our forward.