Research on Translation and Technical Communication

Please support my research opportunity at University of Portsmouth on Translation and Technical Comm

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Completion Date: Fri 30 Jan 2015


My name is Olga, I am a translator and technical writer, and since 2010 I have been studying  Translation and Technical Communication.

I have presented a research project and have recently been accepted onto the PhD course in Translation and Technical Communication at the University of Portsmouth. This is an unrivalled opportunity to explore my academic passion, to understand how my research can contribute to translators' training.

The translation industry is changing as a result of companies going global. More sophisticated technology and constantly growing requirements means that translators must now take responsibility for an even more diverse scope of work. In an increasingly globalised world translation courses need to prepare translators for global writing situations. To date, however, few programs in translation have taken steps to accustom their students to global communication procedures they must undertake and the mind-set they must adopt to ready documents for intended purposes.

The purpose of my research is to suggest a discipline which emerges from combination of translation and technical communication. This research will be the first in-depth study that discusses the benefits of technical communication knowledge for translation in general. Such examination will give an insight which is both very relevant and useful for translators and allow for enhancing translation competences.

I am deeply in love with my research area. In addition, it is my long term ambition to pursue an academic career, and this PhD has been my priority since 2011.

However, funding this dream is problematic. Despite my translation work, I lack the finances to cover the tuition fees. I need upfront funds to cover my first year tuition fee. I am asking for your support to raise £5,250.

Your help would go a long way to helping my dreams become reality!

Please do take me up on my perks and rewards outlined to the right as I would like to show my appreciation and give something back to everyone generous enough to help me on my academic path.

Kindest regards,