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My name is Juliana, Colombian tattoo artist and illustrator now based in Glasgow. I left my homeland 10 years ago to study my Master degree in Paris, and 2 years ago I moved to this crazy and amazing Scottish land. Ink and dreams are my motor, my family my roots.




Single child, 10 years ago I left my hometown, Colombia. Since then, I’ve traveled back a couple of times to visit my family, but this time I wanted to allow my mother to leave Colombia for the first time and to know a whole new and different continent. She put aside her dreams to help the others to reach their dreams. She could become driver, secretary, assistant, personal advisor, friend if you need it; but she has never taken a break, time for herself neither for her dreams. I wanted to requite all the love, support and help she has given to me by offering her the trip of her live: come to Glasgow and then go together to the city where I lived during 8 years: Paris. I want her to see, discover and experience the life I’ve living during these 10 years since I left. I just would love to thank her for everything she has done for me and for the others.

As I can’t do it all just by my own, I became with this idea to raise some money to be able to pay for this dream.

In exchange for your help I’m proposing high-quality prints of my favorite illustrations and a selection of tattoos.



All the prints are available for worldwide delivery.

Tattoos are only available for people in Paris and Glasgow.

Small tattoos 10 x 10cm

Big tattoos 14 x 18cm

Small drawings 15 x 21cm

Medium drawings 21 x 30cm

Deer  - CatTiger - Message in a bottle

Big color drawings 30 x 40cm

Chocolate rain - Let it go - Stardust - Deep sea flora



If you can't give any money, you can help me sharing this project to make this dream become real!