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Completion Date: Fri 04 Nov 2016

The “Trek Mask” is aimed towards active individuals in polluted areas that struggle to exercise outdoors due to the pollution. The mask can be used in polluted areas, this will enable the filters to work against the inhalation of nuisance dusts and odours associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. The filter valves used in the mask, are precisely developed for filtering an extensive variety of nuisance dusts and odours generally found in major cities and urban areas. 

The mask can also be used by those not in polluted areas but still struggle with controlling their breathing while performing high intensity activities. It provides help to condition the lungs while the user is physically active. We hope to be able to motivate individuals who feel like they can’t be physically active due to having difficulties with breathing conditions. We also hope this mask will better the community by making individuals more active and help towards a healthier lifestyle. The mask can be used for running as well as other sports across all physical activities.
The Trek mask will provide users with a more efficient workout. In essence, depending on the circumstances that the mask is used for, the user could potentially get the benefit of a 25-minute workout in as little as 10 minutes. The Mask works by using an advanced peripheral air resistance valve system. The flux valves provide the user with numerous levels of air resistance so that people can use the Mask across all fitness levels. Each breath through the mask isolates the diaphragm and intercostal greater than any other device available on the fitness market today.
The design of our mask as appose to the competitors will be lightweight, waterproof, and easy to use. This product is already on the market but we are aiming to improve the product by decreasing the size as well as reducing the price.
We believe our idea and vision for this product is beneficial to the customers appose to customers for the reason we plan to reduce the size of the mask to make it more comfortable, wearable and more than one use (pollution filter & sports use). In the future, we would like to promote this product using celebrity athlete endorsements. Athletes are our main target market and along with their well-known status this will offer a great input into our marketing promotion strategy. Athletes are our largest target market, though our target audience does range widely from all genders and across all ages (preferably above 18). We want to make this product more than just a successful profit. For this reason, with our surplus profit we plan to provide masks to children sports clubs in highly polluted areas, and also we would like to use the product in order to build a loyal customer community.

The Trek Mask Team

We are students from the University of Aberdeen studying International Business Management. Our team includes:

Sarah Kennerley- England
Nithi Mohan- Malaysia
Alexa Maple- United States 
Nur Rahmah Ramli- Indonesia 


Package 1: GBP10 voucher deduction for the mask with a pledge of GBP20

Package 2: Trek training mask with 1 set of valve with a pledge of GBP45

Package 3: Trek training mask with 2 set of valves with a pledge of GBP75

Package 4: Trek training masks with both valves, a 1-hour private session demonstrating the proper use and effectiveness of the mask, and GBP 10 will be donated towards sports and activity clubs located in highly polluted cities with a pledge of GBP100


How long do you expect the product to be usable?
The product will have a one year warranty. The mask should last a lifetime, although the valves have a lifetime of a few years.

Is the product washable?
Yes, the mask can be hand washed using cool water, just soak it with some mild detergent and let it dry. The skin can be machine washed not with the valves.

Will the product be available in multiple sizes?
The product will be available in one size that can easily adjust to fit all.

What if I suffer from existing medical breathing conditions? Is this a situation I would have to consult with my doctor before using the trek mask?
You should consult a doctor before using if you have existing medical breathing conditions. The respiratory valve is currently undergoing FDA approval.

How intense does my activity have to be in order for myself to benefit from the product?       
Any type of activity will benefit from this mask especially activities that involve high intensity.