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This project received pledges on Sat 21 Mar 2015

Who are we

Tribal instincts is an Annual Charity Fashion show held by the Leeds East African Society (LEASOC). The Tribal Instincts Fashion show aims  to showcase the diversity, beauty and authenticity of the East African Culture. This event brings together like minded people who love to celebrate culture in an environment filled with music, dance and fashion, and at the same time aims to give back to society and the less fortunate. 


The Tribe is made up of adventurous, charismatic, energetic, youthful and diverse students. We are passionate about bringing a touch of our East African Culture to our university, through cultural events such as the fashion show and market stalls where we sell jewellery and clothing from local African designers. We are also in partnership with Wild Instincts, which is a charity organisation that provides the opportunity for volunteers to participate in various charity initiatives in East Africa. 

This year all proceeds raised from the Tribal Instincts fashion show will be donated to a Charity in East Africa that deals in conservation and humanitarian initiatives. 


- Venue hire : £2000

- AV equipment hire: £1200

- Travel (clothing & designers): £400

- Production costs: £1500

- Printing costs (200 copies): £100

Images and video

Here's a few pictures from last years show!! :) Looks amazing right? The tribe in action.

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