Two Thousand Jobs for A Tenner

Two Thousand Jobs for a Tenner - To Raise 2,000 for my Postgraduate Degree.

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Completion Date: Mon 06 Jun 2016

I am doing 2,000 jobs for a tenner to raise money to help pay for my postgraduate in Dramatic writing at New York University. (I'm British).

I'm raising £20,000 to help me cross the Atlantic to take up a fellowship at New York University who have offered me a place to do Dramatic Writing. Unfortunately this cover living expenses - Rent/Food and I'm not allowed to work on the visa I get except for a small amount of hours on campus

Here is a mini budget of what exactly I will be spending the money on and how much I'm going to save myself by working five days a week and some evening jobs to really raise the money.

 The Average rent in NYC is 800 Dollars - £620 + £80 Travel + £160 for Food + Required Health insurance works out : £200 a month = £1060 TOTAL. A MONTH.

I'm in NYC for 18 months so I need £19060.

Working 70 hours a week till I go minus London outgoings I can save around £5000. (800 a month). So I'm looking to  fundraise the rest.

I'm a 28 year old Support Worker, working in homeless shelters/drug rehabilitation units/women's shelters. The reason why you should support me is that firstly I don't want the money for free, I'm willing to do anything you want in return from writing you your own short story, to cleaning your house, to putting a play on in your house to cooking you a dinner.

Secondly as a writer, my aim is to also champion diversity in my pieces and to write pieces for the  the under represented in today's creative world.

I'm Samuel from East London, like I said I've been a support worker most my life and writing has been in the background. I also use theatre as a rehabilitation tool in workshops, thus what I have learnt will be used when working with various vulnerable groups.
I'm represented by Nick Quinn at 'the agency' and will have plays put on so  will fulfil my promise of writing for the underwritten. I have had plays put on the last two years at Venues such as 'the White Bear' and 'the Arcola'. I also have a blog where I write a short story a day :

Social Media Links:

Please help me achieve this opportunity, and have time and space to work as the writer I want to be and really take the powerful voices of the extraordinary people I've worked with and voice it in a world that has yet to hear true life.