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Student Missions at Southern Adventist University
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My Mission

For the 2017-18 school year, I have been accepted to go to Kiev, Ukraine to teach English and help in the church there.      I'm a sophomore Religious Education major at SAU. Some things that I enjoy are camping, video games and listening to audio-books.

My Story

  • I will be teaching ESL at the English Language Center in Kiev, Ukraine as well as serving in the church there by helping out with various outreach such as movie nights and get-togethers with the kids. I am doing this because I am studying to be a teacher and I want to get experience for that as well as serve the community and the ministry at Kiev.
  • Why is this important to me?    I have wanted to do a year as a student missionary for a long time now and I am taking the opportunity to fulfill that ambition.
  • Why should it be important to a donor and what impact will they have by giving money?  Donors will know that they are helping me spread the love of Jesus through my ministry.   I can also assure them that they will receive frequent updates about how I am doing during my time in Ukraine.

Where will the money go?

All Southern Adventist University student missionaries are expected to help raise funds to support the Student Missions program.  I need your support to help me and other student missionaries serve around the world.  Would you please consider supporting the Student Missions program at Southern by helping me reach my goal of $3,500?   The money will go to the Student Missions Operating Fund at Southern Adventist University.  Every year Southern sends dozens of students to serve in various capacities around the world.  The Student Missions Operating Fund will help pay for my living expenses and airfare, as well as the visa to enter the country.

I will give updates on milestones but will be conscious of the fact that I should not bombard social media every time someone makes a donation.

  • I will be giving shout-outs on Facebook for all those who give as well as sending out "Thank you" emails to all those who donated.
Find me here

Facebook ( will be the only place that I will be posting updates

Please help us succeed!
  • Feel free to share this on your social media to spread the word. You do not have to give money to help out, but I would be glad if you would.


Q: Why on earth are you going to be a missionary for a year?

A: I feel called to serve others, I want to get closer to Jesus through this, and I want to help reach people and be a witness of God's love to them.

Q: Why Ukraine?

A: It just kind of worked out being that. I had originally planned to go somewhere else, but God had other plans. I have gotten more and more attracted to serving in Ukraine in researching about their culture and the mission work that is being done there as well.

Q: What's the deal with the rewards?

A: Its just my way of thanking each of you for donating to Student Missions so that more of us can serve.   Any amount is helpful.

Q: "What if I don't have any money but still want to support you?"

A: Don't worry about it. I would appreciate it if you share this on your social media but if you do not want to do that then prayers are quite appreciated.

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