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Completion Date: Thu 01 Feb 2018

SAE International Collegiate Design Series

Baja SAE is an engineering design competition for undergraduate and graduate engineering students. The three Baja SAE competitions held in North America are part of SAE's Collegiate Design Series of student engineering competitions. The Collegiate Design Series provides students with the opportunity to enhance their engineering and project management skills through a series of real-world challenges.

Each team will be challenged to design and build a prototype for a rugged, single-seat, off-road vehicle suitable for use in a variety of conditions. The vehicle must be designed for safe operation over rough terrain, including dirt, rocks, sand, mud, logs, steep inclines, and shallow water.

This competition gives students real world experience going through the entire design process. We research new manufacturing techniques and materials, then design our cars from the ground up. We then manufacture and thoroughly test all of our designs to ensure that they meet our specifications and then iterate on the designs to further optimize them.

We are raising $3,750 to help pay for registration to go to the 3 Baja SAE races across the country this year

  • Baja SAE Maryland (April)
  • Baja SAE Kansas (May)
  • Baja SAE Oregon (June)

Help us get there!

Your gift helps us register for these prestigious competitions. With your help, and support from other generous sources, we can prepare, travel, and win!

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