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Make the UN stronger and more effective by spreading the practice of success tracking

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Completion Date: Fri 15 Sep 2017

What is success tracking?

Success Tracking is like having a "FitBit for work" - it's an essential skill for achieving goals - it's core method relies on scoring past performance on a regular basis - reviewing the scores lead to small, continuous improvements that eventually leads to turbo-charging each activity/process

This method has already been tried by The UN Social 500 program which uses Success Tracking to provide UN staff and long term contractors with feedback on their social media performance.

How does this contribute to SDG 16?

By introducing Success Tracking we trailblaze a self-management tool that strengthens UN institutions by making them more effective/productive. In so doing this helps the UN achieve all the other Sustainable Development Goals.

Our hope is that we can spread success tracking through the UN to other governments around the world where it will encourage closer attention to metrics, data and transparency.

Who have you pilot tested this with?

Our first clients have been UN staff and permanent contractors themselves in the UN Social 500 program.

To be able to inspire the world's "change makers", UN'ers need to be expert users of social media. To get good at social media they need personal success tracking tools so they can see what works. We provide them a social media score and rank so they can benchmark their progress with peers and improve together.

By reporting a regular, weekly score for the effectiveness of their social media activity, reach  and engagement, the UN Social 500 motivates UN staff to continuously improve their use of social media.

Our pilot with over 500 UN'ers over the past 2 years has been very successful with high maintained engagement. We have shown that with success tracking tools they can increase their social media effectiveness - for example between them they now have 2 million Twitter followers!

Why digital media?

We started success tracking at the UN by focusing on improving digital media use.

For most organisations, today's most powerful media channels are now digital ones, especially social media.  For developing countries, where the average age of population is much younger than in the developed world and the connected cell phone is the device of choice, social media is particularly important. For the UN to achieve its SDG plans, it must have a powerful digital communications strategy.  If it doesn't, it will not succeed.

In addition to developing its own official digital channels, the UN can turbo-charge its communications reach and effectiveness by harnessing the power of its 44,000 strong employees . The UN Social 500 program recognises current UN staff and contractors who are promoting the work of the United Nations via their personal social media accounts, so helping to connect the work of the UN with the voting public.

This will ultimately help the UN:

  • drive greater awareness and access to UN programs
  • encourage more individuals & corporations to engage and volunteer with UN programs
  • encourage more partnerships with individuals, the private sector and individual governments
  • have better governance as more ordinary people engage and critique the UN's work


The UN Social 500 was created by Toby Beresford , founder and CEO of, as part of a hackathon challenge organised by Influx Trust in early 2015.  Since then, it has been run by Toby and his team at with digital volunteers from all over the world.  The current team is:

  • Toby Beresford
  • Nick Shah
  • Simone Dominique
  • Azeem Sahu-Khan
  • Roxanna Samii
  • Hannah Rosenfeld
  • Emily Robinson


So far, we've executed the core part of this success tracking program on's platform. We track the social media success of over 650 UN staff with a monthly report on their Klout scores.

We would like to expand the program by creating a similar success tracking board for UN organisations and agencies.  This will allow individual UN agencies and departments to improve their digital media strategies and operations.

Whether it's UNDP Youth in Kenya or UNICEF in New York any UN organisation can benefit from regular, objective success tracking.

use of funds

Funding raised through Connect2Effect will be used to reach the goals of the UN Social 500 for the 2017/18 period as follows:

  • UN Social 500 success tracking program (tracks UN individual employees) @ £100/month (£1,200 annual cost)
  • UN Agency 500 @ £100/month (willl track UN organisations, departments and agencies) @ £100/month (£1,200 annual cost)
  • Design  and branding set up costs for UN Agency 500 - £600 (one-off)


As a crowdfunder we would love to recognise your involvement in supporting success tracking, the UN Social 500 and your commitment to strengthening institutions as part of SDG 16.

What you can expect:

  • all sponsors will be highlighted on the UN Social 500 website on the supporters page (unless of course you want to remain anonymous!)
  • all sponsors giving more than £100 will see their logo, 300 character description and a link to their website
  • up to 4 sponsors giving £600 can have a monthly message on the monthly email that goes to all the participants in the UN Social 500 and UN Agency 500
  • up to 2 sponsors giving £1200 will have their logo, link to their website and a tag line displayed on the main homepage as the major sponsor of the board, their brand will be on all monthly email notifications sent to followers of the board announcing the latest news and their twitter account will be included in any twitter messaging regarding the board. This will strongly affiliate the sponsor's brand with the UN Social 500 or UN Organisations 500.


Find us here

UN Social 500 website

UN Social 500 twitter feed

Help us succeed!

  • You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.
  • If you are a social media expert, we will consider blogs that will help UN Social 500 participants in their continuous self-improvement journey of becoming social media superstarts.
  • And we know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happen.


  • "the UN Social 500 is a platform we flag to colleagues to incentivize them to be more active on social. Some of the most incredible and inspiring people I’ve met are my UNHCR friends – the people who’ve dedicated their lives to serving refugees. If more of my colleagues were motivated to share their stories on social, our job to show the human side and impact of UNHCR would be so much easier. I think the UN 500 can play an important role in that." Kathryn Mahoney, UNHCR
  • " The UN Social 500 is a great initiative that helps connect all of us from across the entire UN system. It’s an effective way to put faces to names and to learn about and understand the diversity of the work that we all do as UN staff. I’ve learned a lot by following other colleagues from different UN organizations, many of whom I became aware of through the UN Social 500. I am constantly inspired by our UN colleagues, impressed by the work of our different UN organizations, and intrigued by the complexity and inter-connectedness of all of our work across the UN. The UN Social 500 really helps bring us together, fosters better understanding across our organizations and as a result, strengthens our individual and collective work to have a positive impact on the world. " Kent Page, UNICEF\
  • " Many thanks! Now that I am no longer @UNDP I have withdrawn from future @unsocial500 rankings. Proud to have led on #socialmedia for @UN. " Helen Clark, Former UNDP Administrator