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Dance Competition Funding

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This project received pledges on Tue 28 Feb 2017

The Manchester Dance Society is one of the largest and most successful student-led societies on campus, consisting of over 100 extremely talented team members with styles ranging from ballet to street, contemporary to tap and more. All of these members are university students undertaking various difficult and stressful academic degrees. Dancing and the competitions they take part in are an outlet for their stress, while helping to build long lasting friendships and to keep fit.

Every year we travel around the country, showcasing our creations and reaping the rewards of every single student’s hard work (36 trophies across our 11 teams last year!). However, due to the cost of travel, accommodation and entrance fees, this is becoming increasingly difficult for us and our student budgets. For this reason, we are asking our friends and family to help fund the transportation to our three external competitions to allow us to continue our winning streak, and make friends with more like-minded students at other universities.

With your help, our members who put in many hours of commitment every week on top of their required academic study can feel that their effort was worthwhile and show what a wonderful society we have.