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UoM Lacrosse - Helmet fund

Help the club to buy helmets to introduce new players to the game

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This project received pledges on Mon 19 Sep 2016

What are we raising money for?

We are attempting to raise £600 to buy new helmets for the Men's Lacrosse Club at The University of Manchester. At present, the club owns a limited amount of kit and, in particular, a very small number of helmets. This means that new players who come to try out the game for the first time are often unable to properly experience it without buying their own helmets, which are vital for learning and playing the game safely. These helmets are expensive and this cost, combined with the membership fees and the price of sticks and other kit, can put a lot of new players off.

We want to change this by building a stock of new, club-owned helmets which will be available for new players to train and play in. Hopefully, by doing this we will be able to encourage more new players to take up lacrosse and develop some new talent at the University of Manchester. Our University has one of the highest proportions of students from low-income and disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK, and we want to make sure our club, and lacrosse, are accessible to everyone.

We have already managed to secure funding for 12 new helmets, but to be able to kit out as many new players as possible we want to buy another 8 which should come a total cost of £600.

Who are we?

We are the Men's Lacrosse Club at The University of Manchester. We offer people the opportunity to play lacrosse at university whether they're brand new beginners or they've been playing for years.

Where will the money go?

  • If we raise the minimum amount (£75) we'll be able to buy one additional helmet
  • If we hit our target amount of £600 we'll be able to buy 8 new helmets for the club
  • Anything raised over this amount will be spent on additional new kit such as gloves and pads


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/University-of-Manchester-Mens-Lacrosse-Club-721198711228531/

Twitter: Follow us @umlcmens

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