UoNBC: Race Against the Moon

UoNBC members riding 150 miles to get to London before low tide on the Thames

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This project received pledges on Mon 23 Apr 2018

Last year we Raced Against the Sun to Leander Club in Henley. This year, we will Race Against the Moon to Tideway Sculling School in London.

After the success of last year, we’re raising the bar again, riding for over 150 miles while racing against the moon and the River Thames to make it to TSS before Low Tide. Departing UoNBC at the early low tide on the Thames, that gives us only 12 hours and 17 minutes to complete our 245km journey. This year, we are fundraising to buy 6 new static bikes for our club that will benefit all squads, increasing our capacity as a club and bringing all athletes together.

Our inaugural Race Against the Sun last year was a huge success for the club, raising over £2600 to fund a set of blades that helped our club to our best BUCS Regatta results in recent history, qualified our most ever athletes to represent GB Universities at EUSA, and took top Men’s 8+ to Henley Royal Regatta only 3 months after we arrived at Leander Club on our bikes. Check the photos at the bottom of the page to see for yourselves! As well as our successful season last year, and a strong start to this year with results at Wallingford Head and GB Trials, the knock-on effect of new blades has been great. This has meant better equipment for our biggest ever novice class this year, and the formation of an intermediate men’s eight, to supplement 20 Championship athletes in the men’s squad alone for this years’ BUCS events.

This year, we have expanded our fundraising ride. Race Against the Moon sees an increase in all areas, with a longer distance, higher total elevation, more participants, a bigger support crew and a faster speed necessary to beat the tide of the River Thames to Tideway Sculling School. This year it is not just the men’s squad participating, with several of our women’s squad involved and the fundraising objective being to buy 6 static bikes for the whole club to benefit from, allowing all athletes in all squads to train together off the water, increasing our club capacity for land training and supporting injured athletes further with their rehab without having to relocate them away from our site.

We have chosen to race to TSS for several reasons, including the obvious need to top last year’s successful RatS as a challenge. After racing to Leander Club last year, heading to TSS continues the trend of riding to other major clubs around the country. We also have strong links to them as a club, with many of our recent alumni continuing their rowing careers at TSS and enjoying great success at national and internationally renowned events. Finally, Tideway Sculling School is situated just below Chiswick Bridge, the start line for Small Boats’, Fours’, Women’s Eights and Men's Eights Heads of the River Races along the Tideway Course, making it the perfect place to mark our final sprint between Chiswick and Putney bridges on the same course we will have rowed down just a week before.

We are incredibly grateful for any donation of any amount, as they make a very real difference to helping the rapid growth of our amazing club to compete at national and international events. The impact made by the blades you helped to fund last year has already shown immediate results in the last 12 months and with increased investment and support from you and the university there is no limit to our expansion and success. Check out the photos below to see the difference you have already made!

If you are unable to help financially, sharing our challenge with friends and colleagues through social media or email is just as valuable to us and the success of this project . Please click the "Follow" button to receive notifications about the project as we post Updates or click the "Become a Helper" button and use the social media icons to spread the word about our project and track the amount of publicity you generate!