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What is USM?

We are the University of Strathclyde Motorsport team, USM.  Competing in a global engineering and racing series called Formula Student, each year our students design, build with our bare hands and race our very own racecar!  Yes, that's right, we really are a fully student-run racing team!  We are now also one of the longest running teams in the UK, and this year will be competing in our 16th year of competition, heading to Silverstone and Hockenheim in the summer.  Check out the video montage below, looking back at 16 years of motorsport at the University of Strathclyde. 

Over the years we've grown and grown into a multidisciplinary team.  We now have students involved from all over the Strathclyde campus: from Mechanical, Aerospace, Product Design and Electrical Engineering as well as Business departments and more.  We're super proud to now be in our 16th year of the Class 1 competition, that means we're building our 16th completely new racecar right now! 

For USM16, the team is focusing on vehicle dynamics and validation of our current design techniques and processes. The team aims to achieve this by taking advantage of the team members vast skill set, stemming from a range of business engineering degrees. 

How can you help us?

Managed, designed, built and eventually raced all by students...USM is a massive project to take on alongside our studies.  Every year we rely on the generous support from our industry partners and you fans to help us develop and move forward.  Whether it's helping us purchase new tools and equipment, or even upgraded parts for our car, you can help us to compete at the highest level. 

There are several key areas where your support will benefit the team this year and this is what our £1,500 target will go towards: Track testing, Competition logistics, Driving and Pit equipment.

For your support, we're offering you the chance to get your name printed on a real racecar, which we'll proudly showcase on the track this summer.  You can also grab yourself a 3D copy of the race car and an invite to our launch night at the end of May, where we'll unveil the product of all this hard work.  You can help us to get there...join us to celebrate the sweet 16!

Check out the following video from last year launch night and witness the product of our labour and our evolution through the years.  

Follow the progress on USM16!

Right now, the team is manufacturing the new car and progress is going well! Team members have been working around the clock to get the car complete and we are currently assembling various systems like our suspension, wheels, powertrain, and electronics to our hand-crafted steel chassis.  We are scheduled to showcase the completed USM16 end of this space!

For more info on our team, including results and details from the last fifteen years of USM, check out our website and follow us on our social media pages:

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