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Completion Date: Sun 30 Aug 2020

Hello everyone! 

First of all thank you! Just the fact that you are taking the time to read this means the world to me. 

My project

I am currently raising money in order to help me pursue the next stages of my career. I am looking the use the money to pay for the remaining fees of my Master’s in Molecular Medicine due to start in October 2020 (£12,500). Your help will facilitate the financial restrain and allow me to dedicate my time to this Masters without worrying too much about living expenses and tuition fees. Most of the fees will be covered by student's loan so I need to cover the shortfall of the fees and accommodation costs.

This Master’s will equip me with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the scientific world. Alongside the incomparable support and passion provided with Imperial College. I will be able to contribute greatly to breaking research that will allow me to comprehend diseases better to one day implement it when treating people. 

About me

My name is Valentina Quintero, I am 23 years old and I am from Colombia. I am fascinated by science and the many doors it opens to understand diseases. I love dancing to Latin American music. I am a big foodie. I am a volunteer, I have been volunteering for several years and have been involved in multiple projects. I truly care about others and will do anything in my power to help as much as I can. My true vocation is to become a doctor one day and be able to offer the skills and passion to help others at their most vulnerable time.  I am a biomedical scientist graduate from University of Sussex and I am looking forward to follow the next steps of my professional development. Also I love dogs and painting, I'm very artistic. 

The real STORY 

As long as I can remember I wanted to be part of the scientific world. I wanted to make a difference in diagnosing and treating diseases. I am certain that completing the MSc in Molecular Medicine will allow me to delve myself into the research side of the medical world. I wan to fulfil this personal goal to enhance my understanding of diseases and potentiate treatment regimes. This will help us to tackle many diseases and help to improve people’s live at the hardest time. This will prepare me and be another stepping stone in my long-lasting vocation of become a doctor. 

It has not been easy for me to enter medical school, but I am motivated to help others in different ways until I can achieve this. I have learnt to never give up and remember that it always rains the hardest on those who deserve the sun. Perseverance and motivation are essential in achieving our dreams and there is always a way. 

After completing the MSc in Molecular Medicine, I want to contribute to the clinical research field and concurrently use this solid foundation to further develop within the medical world. In recent years, it became progressively clear to me that my determination, perseverance and deeply empathic nature, along with my long-standing fascination for medicine, are qualities I recognise in the unparalleled amalgamation of a doctor’s nature, and this has been the fuel of my decision to pursue my true vocation. This Master’s at Imperial will prepare me with discipline specific knowledge but more importantly its clinical applications are paramount for better understanding and treating disease. 

How will I use the money? 

Part of the money I am raising will go towards covering the short fall of my tuition fees (£1,500) the rest will be covered by Postgraduate Loan. The rest of the money (£2,000) will go towards the cost of my accommodation in London. I have been consistently saving over the past 3 years to cover my living costs and accommodation in London. I have done this by working 3 different part-time jobs whilst studying my BSc in Biomedical Science. I plan on continue working but due to the nature of the course and having to be in the lab for significant amount of time, I need a little support to ensure I have sufficient funds to cover the fees and accommodation.