Blended organic fruit and vegetable juice

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Vegishake mission statement:

To inspire change and to create healthier lives.

Welcome to my crowd funding page, let me introduce you into the world of blended organic juices.

We at vegishake want to strive to be the very best and we are doing this by introducing the cleanest of foods sourced from 100% organic ingredients that are certified by the Soil Association. 

We put in such an abundance of nutrients into each of our bottles that it would contribute to 2 1/2 of your 5 a day, not only this, but we use richer sources of ingredients known as superfoods that are bursting with a much greater amount of nutrients compared to most other foods. 

Unlike most other juicing companies, we know the importance of not wanting to waste any part of a fruit or vegetable and so we blend everything in together so that no nutrient is wasted, this is than cold pressured for optimal nutritional value retained. 

Did we mention that all of our drinks are great tasting, but better yet, low in sugar! We understand the importance of keeping everything in check and listening to the public's concern, so no need to thank us :)

All you have to do is drink, with every bit of love and care being put into our bottles, you can rest assured you are getting the most from our juices. 

Who's the mystery man behind this plan?

Now that you've got an idea of our business, let me introduce myself. My name's Michael, I have been involved within the health industry for most of my life, the most significant part of this would be going through an undergraduate degree in fitness and personal training, getting my undergrad dissertation published and moving onto a postgraduate degree in applied sports nutrition. Nutrition is a big aspect of my life and to me it's about looking at life realistically and making it enjoyable. What could be more enjoyable than consuming a tasty fresh juice, that aids people towards their 5 a day and is bursting with nutrients. We all don't consume enough pure fresh foods, so that's why we are here to change that and help you to get on the right track.

We need help from you, the public!

Every business starts by making that first step out into the big open world. It's scary, exciting, frustrating, overwhelming and all the above. But now we are asking for help from you the public, to help get our business to where it will be. By donating a little or a lot, we can make this business a reality and get it pushed out into the market. 

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    Clothing line for the business & marketing equipment (cards, leaflets to go into each juice box, banners)

    £100.00 (£80 clothing/£70 marketing)

    Bulk bottles to purchase



We would like to reward the people who help us make our vision a reality. And so, we will have a reward breakdown for people who make donations, from a shout out on our social pages to small thank you gifts. All donations are appreciated no matter the size, so make a difference today and help a start-up business make a lasting impression.

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Help us succeed! 

  • Other ways to help this business drum up support is to share our social pages and get people to check out this page. If you could spread the word, it would help us greatly. It's about maximal exposure to bring in all types of opportunities.
  • Follow our social pages and link us into your world and we will bring you into ours, it's so much fun!
  • We know you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happen.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the page of opportunity.    :)