Voices of Holloway Show Choir

Providing performance opportunities for a diverse range of students at Royal Holloway

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Completion Date: Wed 05 Dec 2012

Voices of Holloway is a relatively new society at Royal Holloway and was awarded Best New Society in March 2012. The society aims to develop the abilities of those students with an interest in show choir/glee style performance and provide a social setting in which such students can interact with one another.

Voices of Holloway is rapidly growing and we are putting on more and more events as our membership grows. One of our biggest events is the Masters of Show Choir inter-university competition which we founded last year. The competition is continuing this year with more choirs registering their interest to compete. We are also introducing a Christmas concert, ‘open mic’ night, performance workshops, and an end of year summer concert.

It is a very exciting time for Voices of Holloway, but unfortunately all of these events cost us money for venue hire, costumes, publicity and tech. We rely solely on membership fees, a small budget (£150) from our Students Union and any profit made from our events. However, we obviously cannot make money from our events if we can't put on the events in the first place.

We want to ensure that the society has a sustainable financial future and that our members are getting as many opportunities to perform as possible. As such, we are looking for £300 to cover the costs of putting on our Christmas concert, summer concert and inter-university competition, to ensure that the society can have a stable future.


More info:

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/voices.rhul

Twitter: @Voices_Holloway


Our committee:

President: Angus Wyatt
Vice-President: Tom Kitney
Treasurer: Lydia Shaw
Secretary: Emily Jackson
Publicity & Events: Sarah Martin
Musical Director: Matt Abrams
Choreographer: Laura Meaton