Volcanos are my future :-)

Funding for an MSc in volcanology at Bristol

Volcanos are my future :-)
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Completion Date: Mon 01 Jun 2015

I'm trying to raise money so that I can go study volcanology at Bristol university! I hope to then use this knowledge to both help save lives, as well as enthuse children with a passion for science!

Who am I?

I'm Hannah - a 22 year old who is completely nutty about volcanoes! I'm about to be finishing my first degree at Durham university and am wanting to go study volcanology in Bristol in October. I love everything to do with volcanoes but I also have a passion for sharing my knowledge with everyone, especially kids!

What I'm hoping to do

I'm wanting to study an MSc in volcanology at Bristol as it is such an important thing to understand. My first degree barely touched upon the importance of monitoring active volcanoes and this is something I would love to be involved with - but I need to learn more first!

By getting an MSc, I'll be much more qualified to go and help developing countries with monitoring their volcanoes. They often rely on people from overseas to train their staff in the use of equipment.

MSc's are, unfortunately, very hard to get funding for, especially when they are taught masters. Unfortunately, I can't afford to go without help, and most bursary funds in the earth sciences are for mining and oil. Therefore, any help you can give at all would be most appreciated (even if it's just a share on Facebook/twitter!)

My first degree has been very hard for me to obtain, due to poor health after a serious car accident, and the passing of my wonderful grandad last year. I want to complete my MSc to honour his memory, as I know he wanted me to do well in my academic career.

Where will the money go?

If I hit my minimum target (of £500), the money will be used to buy textbooks and other student essentials - as well as helping with fees for a field trip to active volcanoes abroad for further study.

If I hit my full target (£10,000), then the money will go on my fees as well as fully funding the trip abroad. 

Any extra money over my target will be donated to the scout association - of which I am a very keen member of. This will help give young people new experiences in their community.

I'll give updates around every week or so on my new blog - www.tumblr.com/blog/volcanomadgeek


I've got some great rewards planned for those who donate - including some photographic cards from volcanoes I've visited, and an educational visit to discuss volcanoes with you/your child/a youth group/anyone else who's interested.

Find me here

My new blog is on tumblr - go to www.tumblr.com/blog/volcanomadgeek 

Remember to follow and share for regular updates!

Help me succeed!

There are lots of ways you can help me reach my goal - and they don't have to include donating if you don't want to. Please share my campaign wherever you can, with whomever you like - the more publicity the better!

Of course,if you can, please do donate! Every little bit helps, and I will be immensely grateful for every pound I raise!

Thanks again everyone!