Wally Wallis Media

Production company, producing video and photography material ,specialising in the music industry.

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My Project

I am trying to raise funds to further my self made small media production project/business Wally Wallis Media and take it to a more professional level.

A little about me...

After leaving school at the age of 16 with only a handful of satisfactory GCSE's, I was fortunate enough to land a job for a hugely successful global super yacht company based in Poole. I climbed all of the necessary ladders within the company that I wanted to within my twelve and a half years of service, resulting in a well paid job with great lifetime benefits, financial securities and the opportunity to travel around the world and see many places.

Having always been a very imaginative, creative individual with a huge passion for music, I write and preform both solo and within bands. After realising my true passion in life and what I would really like to do as a prospective career, I took a leap of faith and left behind the security of my job/career to pursue my dreams. After completing night classes to redo maths and English GCSEs, I was then able to to go on to a college diploma access course in media allowing me to start university the following year at the age of 29.

I have pursued my own personal goals to learn how to shoot, edit and produce film as well as learn photography. I have used these skills to produce content of a high standard for various projects including promotional video show reels for bands, events, sport, leisure etc and numerous photography projects again for leisure, bands/musicians, events, portraits etc.

Having developed a small website and social media page for my content and services, I already have had some excellent feedback on various past projects, which in turn has lead to other work and satisfied customers requesting my services for other projects, or recommending me to others.
Although I have managed thus far my set-up is very minimalistic, cost efficient and dated. This makes the process of producing content more time consuming which isn't very cost effective, alongside not having the necessary tools to achieve desired results.  

To be able to develop my small business I need to take on bigger projects and work with a higher standard of clientèle where my work can be seen by larger audiences. I have all of the necessary skills, knowledge and ideas required to produce a more professional standard of content, I just lack all of the essential tools in which to do so.

Due to feedback from others on the high standard of my work  and how much I enjoy producing media content, I have realised this is my true passion in life and is something that I have really grasped. I would like to pursue my dream of becoming a high quality, respected Videographer/photographer within the music industry, where I can share my creative skills and passion with the rest of the world.

If I were to be successful in my application, I would be able to take my small business/idea to the next level by, purchasing the necessary equipment required, and further my marketing and promotional campaigns to reach a wider audience and demographic. 


Where will the money go? 

If I reach my full target these are the investments i need to make.

Laptop:                                          £729 

DSLR:                                            £499 -£799


Portable light rig:                         £41.56 


Steady cam:                                  £60.00 (including shipping) 


Web domain:                                £55.88 (per year) 


PR/Advertising/Promotion:        £200(approx.) 





Here you can find examples of my photography/videography