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'was it good for you?' at Edinburgh Fringe!

Help us take our play 'was it good for you?' to Edinburgh Fringe!

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This project received pledges on Thu 03 Aug 2017

Bareback Productions are taking their original new comedy, was it good for you? to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer, from 5th to 12th August.

Bareback is a new company that aims to explore the honesty that often gets lost in relationships between people. Through new writing, the company is committed to giving a voice to what happens after the applause and after the blackout, the after effect of events that are often neglected. The company and its cast consists of University of Manchester students, from first to final year.

The Plot:

Isaac sees an attractive woman across the pub. He plucks up the courage to go over to her. What comes next is an exploration into how we think during sex. In all the flurry of excitement, Isaac forgets her name, and is left to ask the famous film and TV characters that pop into his head. was it good for you? is a play about the fluctuations between the honest and performative sides of sex, the expectations it carries with it, and exposing just how unsexy sex can be.

It's important for us to go to the fringe so that we can take our work outside of Manchester, to one of the most exciting and innovative cultural festivals the UK has to offer.

Although we are funding part of the project ourselves, the costs of the fringe are too high for us to pay without any outside help. Donating money would enable us to successfully take WIGFY up to Edinburgh!

The money raised will help us pay for costs such as venue, fringe registration, and technical costs.

By reaching the full target, you can help us to source better props and costumes to make was it good for you? the best it can be!

Help us succeed!

Even if you can't give any money, that doesn't mean you can't help us! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.

Be sure to follow us here for more information and updates as we start getting into the full swing of things:

Facebook: @barebackprods

Twitter: @barebackprods