Agua Para La Vida

This July we will travel to Tingo Pucara in Ecuador to address the water and sanitation crisis there

Agua Para La Vida
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Completion Date: Mon 01 Jul 2013

What We're About

In July 2013 we will bring a sustainable and sufficient water awareness system to Tingo Pucara in Ecuador whose people struggle with hygiene and sanitation. We will be working with the Connecticut based non-profit Yaku, to construct the most socially effective way to implement awareness of the importance of cleanliness to the Ecuadorians as well as domestically to schools, organizations, and businesses locally.


What We Need 

We will use the funds gathered from your support to:

-Purchase materials for latrines.

-Purchase materials to replace the current water system in Tingo Pucara.

-Funds raised beyond these needs will help purchase plane tickets for our members to travel to Tingo Pucara.

The Impact

This environmentally sound and socially empowering project will change the way the villagers of Tingo Pucara live! Imagine, clean water to cook, clean water to bathe, clean water to drink, clean water to live! By working on existing pumps as well as building sanitary latrines, we will be able to change the social environment of Tingo Pucara. We will also be teaching the villagers how to maintain their existing pipes, and finally identify an educational rubric for teaching the importance of water sanitation and proper hygiene. The plan is to teach teachers.  By doing so we can ensure that the education will continue to be passed on from generation to generation.

Now the question is, what does your contribution really do? There is no way that a donation of say $25 dollars can truly make an impact right?  Well, according to, $25 dollars can enable one person to access a lasting supply of safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation. That means the amount of money you spend on the gym membership you never use can go to an adult, a child, a family in need.  Your contribution will not only bring clean water to Tingo Pucara, but more importantly, it will change the lives of people in need.


Other Ways to Help

This project needs funds in a very short amount of time. We simply cannot reach our goal without help from everyone who contributes. Please help us spread the word! Tell your friends, family, and anyone you can think of about Agua Para La Vida. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at With your help we can make sustainable, life altering change in Ecuador. 


E-mail if you have any questions.