Wattsits and Trekonometry on The York Walk 2021

Foundation Year walkers raising funds for Mentally Fit York

Wattsits and Trekonometry on The York Walk 2021
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This project received pledges on Thu 01 Jul 2021
1 year ago

After six weeks...

Our walk is over! We've smashed our targets and hung up our walking boots (or, at least, our step counters).

(Many teams participating in the Great York Walk are continuing for another couple of weeks, but we've always said our end date was 20 June --- at the time of writing this final update, that's yesterday.)

So how did we do?

Thanks to our 64 supporters we've reached £1,000 in sponsorship, twice our original target. We're very grateful to everyone who has donated to such a worthy cause.

At the start, both Trekonometry and Wattsits committed to walk at least 500 miles, i.e. at least 1,000 between the whole group of us. In fact our combined total is 3,100 miles!

Thanks to those walkers who have contributed pictures to our shared record. Some of these have been included in the updates. Today's picture is from Helen, appropriately, as she inspired us to take on the challenge in the first place and has been a constant encouragement to walkers and the Foundation Year in general.

Thanks again to all sponsors!

Wattsits and Trekonometry.

1 year ago

After Five Weeks...

Total miles walked now:

  • Wattsits: 1446 miles
  • Trekonometry: 1229 miles 

Which means with one week left, there's a chance both our teams will finish with three times their target miles!

We're still closing in on two times our donations target. With £945 pledged we're a tantalising £55 away from the thousand. Thank you very much to everyone who has sponsored so far, and if you wanted to be a contributor to closing that £55 gap, we'd be grateful!

Some pictures this week from further afield. Helen met up with Emilio in London and added some miles there. John went walking at Spurn Head and stumbled on some unexpected wildlife. And close to home, Poppy took an evening shot of campus.

1 year ago

After Four weeks...

We made it past 1000 miles per team! Both Trekonometry and Wattsitts have more than doubled their distance targets!

Courtesy of Thomas and Helen, here are pictures of two walks...

... and a bank holiday picnic, with walkers and other foundation year students...

It's exams now, but we'll carry on walking in-between times, and if you would care to sponsor us, that will help us reach £1,000 raised. Our aim was just £500, but thanks to many people's generosity, we're most of the way to twice that, so we're hoping to make it in the last few weeks of our walk.

1 year ago

After Three weeks...

We are approaching £1000 in pledges and 1000 miles walked for each team. That's twice our target in both sponsorship and distance!

On the sponsorship side, we've made it to £865 pledged, for which we thank all our supporters very much. We really appreciate your encouragement.

On distance walked, Trekonometry are up to 850  miles and closing in on the 1k quickly. Wattsits are at 973 miles so might make the thousand on Bank Holiday Monday.

This week a dozen of us walked together around the campus of the University. Unfortunately we chose Tuesday afternoon which started wet. But later things cleared up, as the pictures below show. Many thanks to organiser and leader Frank.

Here are pictures from Thomas and Poppy of other walks:

1 year, 1 month ago

After two weeks...

We are up to £665 in pledges from 40 supporters. Thank you all very much.

And we've reached our distance target. Both teams, Trekonometry and Wattsits have broken through the 500 mile barrier.

The Proclaimers' song, I'm Gonna Be (500 miles), which you might think was our inspiration, is very clear that the singer is actually going to walk 500 miles and then 500 more for a total of thousand. Well, we're on the way to that too!

Right now Trekonometry has 979km or 608 miles and Wattsits 1097km or 681 miles.

It's been a wet week, so our photos are two stunning after-the-rain pictures from Thomas and Helen, and, from Megan, some indoor nachos featuring Evie, Emily, James, Thomas and Megan. Evie, Emily and Megan are on Trekonometry, Thomas is on Wattsits.

1 year, 1 month ago

After one week...

We have already broken our fundraising target of £500. With donations from 33 supporters we've made it to £545. We're grateful to everyone who has donated, supported and encouraged. Thank you very much!

Additional donations are welcome! The sponsor button lets you donate anything from £1 upwards, and we welcome every £1. Thank you in advance.

The Wattsits are fifth out of 151 teams with 553.6km walked so far. That's 344 miles so well on the way to the 500-mile target, with five weeks still to go. Trekonometry are 14th at 435.6km which at 270 miles is also over half way.

Here are some pictures from our walking so far, from Poppy, Megan and Thomas: