Support my Health and Wellbeing Studies!

Help fund Year 2 of my Masters to support YOUR health at work!

Support my Health and Wellbeing Studies!
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This project received pledges on Mon 21 Mar 2016

Masters in Occupational Health

I'm raising £3105 to contribute towards my second year of Masters in Occupational Health at the University of Manchester.

Occupational Health is the speciality which looks after your health in the workplace wherever you are!

My passion is in Health and Wellbeing, particularly when it comes to health professionals - to ensure that they continue to be well enough to look after your own healthcare needs.

I also run an organisation with my best friend called Medic Footprints which promotes health and wellbeing initiatives for doctors. I run events, workshops, mentor and coach several doctors to ensure they continue to be happy in what they do; whether that's medicine or anything else.

Happy and well doctors = great patient care!

At our launch event in October 2015, we had nearly 400 doctors attend!

Who are you?

I am a female trainee NHS doctor in Occupational Health, based in London. I am also the Co-Founder and Medical Director of Medic Footprints - an organisation which promotes alternative career opportunities and health and wellbeing for doctors.


  • Illnesses and chronic health problems cost society billions of pounds every year. Occupational Health doctors facilitate the management of these issues and ultimately support people in work. Working is generally great for health!
  • We need more Occupational Health doctors in an ageing workforce with more chronic health problems (people are living longer hence more likely to suffer from chronic diseases which may be caused by or affect work)
  • Doctors and other healthcare workers are notorious for not adequately addressing their own health needs  - we need doctors who are specially trained to look after them. If you want your doctor to stay healthy, please consider supporting this project to allow me to develop the skills to do so! This is my niche area of interest.

 By supporting this project you will

  • contribute towards helping me pass mandatory exams to become an Occupational Health Consultant
  • contribute towards the completion of an Masters in Occupational Medicine (Health)
  • contributing towards sustaining and promoting a healthy workforce now and in the future

Where will the money go? 

- Every pound raised will go towards the costs associated with completing my studies for my second year at the University of Manchester. This includes tuition fees, travel and accommodation costs.

- I have thankfully received some of money in the form of study budget and sponsorship from my employer, however I will need;

  • - £2500 for tuition fees
  • - £500 for travel, food and accommodation for residential courses throughout the year
  • - £105 Paypal's cut!

- Any excess funds will go to the Support 4 Doctors charity 


- Check out the sidelines!

Images and video 

Visit Medic Footprints to find out more about my enterprise which supports doctors in their careers and wellbeing pursuits


It took me a lot of courage to attempt to do this for the first time; the reality is.. I need help!

Please feel free to share this with interested colleagues, family and friends.

If you are unable to donate; thank you so much for taking the time to read this; your help in sharing it with someone else that may be willing to support, would be of great help!