When it Rains, We Harvest/ Cuando Llueve, Cosechamos

El Niño and Abundance in a Peruvian Fishing Community - Our Global World in Our Local Community

When it Rains, We Harvest/ Cuando Llueve, Cosechamos
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who are we

We are students in the Museum and Gallery Studies MLitt programme.

what are we doing

We are using the multidisciplinary St Andrews programme Fenómeno de Oportunidades to help us research how Piura – a community in the Sechura desert region of northern Peru – has adapted to the El Niño phenomenon and to the devastation and opportunities that it brings. We will use this research to collaborate with the Scottish Fisheries Museum to create an exhibition – When it Rains, We Harvest/ Cuando Llueve, Cosechamos! – within the context of community, climate change and fishing. 

We have commissioned local artist Frances Law to illustrate the exhibition and are running a series of public engagement events before the launch to bring the community together, shine a spotlight on climate change and celebrate fishing – the industry common to Fife and Piura. 


Our project is supervised by Ana Gonzalez Rueda (School of Art History) and Linda Fitzpatrick (Scottish Fisheries Museum)

The exhibition will run at the Scottish Fisheries Museum from 12 March to 12 June 2022.

why are we doing this

We want to connect the global world to our local landscape through art and academic research, while also spotlighting climate change through its impact on the fishing industry in both Piura and North East Fife. 


Since around 2150 BC, the El Niño weather pattern – a cyclical extreme rainfall – has not only brought devastation but has also created fertile land for agriculture and a lake system that has supported a fishing industry for the Sechura community. This way of life is currently under threat because of climate change. In addition, the voices of the Sechura are becoming lost as the introduction of local legislation threatens traditional farming and fishing in the community. 



We hope our exhibition will inspire thought-provoking conversations around these complex issues.

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  • £350 funds the design of the website and exhibition
  • £500 funds the costs for printing and framing of photographs from the Piura research
  • £800 fully funds our artist commission
  • £1000 funds transportation, commission and collection costs

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La Leguna Panorama, Piura

Our beautiful Fife coast

Flooding of Piura, 1983

Public engagement events

Local Artist Frances Law and her work

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