Warwick in Africa - Urgent Appeal 2019

Great education begins with great teachers

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This project received pledges on Sun 18 Aug 2019

You know that Maths and English skills are powerful liberators from poverty. You may also know that the education system across Africa is struggling to cope with an acute lack of teachers, insufficient teacher training (especially for Maths) and huge numbers of learners packed into basic classrooms.

Teacher training and skills sharing is absolutely integral to teacher retention and satisfaction. Many in our partner schools won't receive any school-led teacher training this year, which is why our workshops - devised and led by local teachers - can have such a huge impact.

We’ve already raised the funds needed to deliver workshops for 500 teachers in South Africa and Tanzania, but we urgently need your help to raise an additional £8,750 to fund teacher workshops in Agona East, an area of rural Ghana.

A sustainable programme

You have probably heard about how Warwick in Africa sends student volunteers to Africa every summer, but that's not all the programme does. We also bring lead teachers from our partner schools to the Warwick campus to learn pedagogic theory and key classroom skills. These teachers then return to their schools to deliver workshops for their fellow teachers, passing along their knowledge and applying to their individual context. Through these workshops, our partner schools are able to provide a more robust education for the pupils who need it the most.

It's these workshops that we need your urgent help to fund. With an additional £8,750, we will be able to ensure that our Ghanaian lead teachers can make a real difference for 175 of their fellow educators.

What will my donation fund?

Here's how the £8,750 we need to raise breaks down:

  • £3,950 will fund the flights, accommodation and transport for our Agona East Lead Teachers and Warwick Mentor
  • £3,500 will fund the cost of venue hire, the travel and catering costs for participating teachers.
  • £1,300 will fund various other costs, including resources for our partner schools, mentor training, living allowances and an evaluation of the programme at its conclusion.

If we go beyond this target, your donation will help to offset next year's programme costs and ensure future growth and sustaintability for all our partner schools in Africa.

SUBI'S story

We have seen and heard so many amazing stories as a result of running these teacher workshops for the past few years. To demonstrate the kind of impact your gift could have, we would like to tell you about Subi, a Lead Teacher from Tanzania who took part in our teacher workshops last year.

Subi has been an English teacher for 9 years. Originally from Dar Es Salaam, she was posted to a school in Mtwara in Southern Tanzania after graduation. When she first arrived there was no house available so for the first 18 months she had to sleep in the school staffroom with her two sons. She regularly teaches classes of 50 learners with just one text book for the class to share. Despite such difficult circumstances she told us how much she enjoys being a teacher:

“I like teaching learners about equality. Here, they are used to early marriages and pregnancies and I teach the girls and boys about the alternatives and the importance of education.” 

Subi was clearly making the most of the training provided in the teacher workshops: 

“This is the first support I have received since I graduated 9 years ago. I have learned many important things; how to make learning more fun, techniques for making the lesson more learner-centred and engaging ways to start lessons. The training has also given me valuable support to help end corporal punishment at the school and encourage teachers to use other methods to maintain discipline. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Workshops!”

The contexts of Ghana and Tanzania are different, but they both share an urgent need to increase the skills of their teachers and support their development. Please donate today to help teachers in Ghana transform their schools and the lives of their pupils.