Winning in Watersports - a 2015 mission

Help us to get better equipment and win all the competitions!

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Who are we and why do we need the money?

Lancaster University Canoe and Sailing Clubs are dedicated to inspiring students to take part in water sports. However, much of our kit was bought around the same time as our clubs were established, so they’re well past their sell-by date and are in desperate need of replacing.

The Canoe Club are hoping to avoid hypothermia on rivers by getting some good quality kit, including cags (waterproof jackets) and wetsuits! We're hoping our snazzy new look will not only get more people interested in the sport, but also keep them warm and dry. We’re also looking to improve our club’s chances in canoe polo competitions with urgently needed new paddles (paddles make a difference... really!)

The Sailing Club are also wanting to ditch our holey wetsuits, and expand our kit collection to include spray jackets, over shorts and gloves to help keep us cosy and warm. Just to ensure that the boats can cope with all their new use, we’re looking to get new rudders and improve our training and racing.

 How you can help

We've received Friends Programme funding from the University's alumni and friends, which we are really grateful for, but we need your help raising the rest!

The £500 raised will buy us:

1 Rudder = £250

1 Set of Paddles = £200

1 Spray Jacket = £30

1 Buoyancy aid = £20

Which is what we need to completely furnish our teams with the best equipment! 


Check us out on social media for more information and to track our progress!

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