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Two Detectives strive to piece together a crime through Interviews with its Witnesses.

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This project received pledges on Wed 05 Jan 2022

Witness (TV Crime drama)

Do you share our passion for Crime Drama?

Here, at the Uni of York, we’re making our first Crime Drama in the TV Studio! If you’d like to help make this show a reality, we’d love you to get involved with our Fundraising Campaign!

What Makes ‘Witness’ Special?

As representatives of the ‘New Generation’ of Film and TV makers, we’re all passionate about making change within the industry, particularly with regards to the representation of race and gender within the Crime Drama genre. Therefore, we want to champion diversity within our characters and storylines. We hope to find actors from all over the UK, in all walks of life, particularly focussing on representing the local acting talent within the North which we all think is very important!

We're interested in the psychology behind why people commit crimes, and hope to bring a sympathetic and complex criminal to your screens!

Conventionally, Crime Dramas cut from location to location and are driven by a lot of action. Our show pushes the boundaries in terms of how we can use limited settings to create tension and drama. We want to challenge ourselves to think innovatively about how we can use the studio space to highlight the depth of character and emotion within the writing. We also want to take advantage of the technology available to us and create drama using monitors and video recordings of various interviews.

Where will the money go? 

Design: We want to achieve as much realism as possible through the design while also creating a stylised interpretation of the conventional setting of a crime drama:

  • Set - Constructing an interrogation room through innovative and resourceful design. We will need your help to gather the materials and decorative elements to maximise the dramatic impact of the show's location. 
  • Props - Many of the props we will need play a pivotal part in our story: We will need to use the monitors to present the CCTV that will blow open the whole case, the recording equipment to keep the show rooted within the procedures that take place within a Police Station as well as CCTV Cameras, Office Furniture, Lights, Stationary and many other objects you will see in the finished product! 
  • Costume - To make our Police Characters recognisable and realistic, we'll need to purchase or hire suits and Uniforms. Costume is also so important for portraying character, and we will need your help to put together costumes that represent the lifestyle and personalities of our various diverse witnesses!

Actor's Requirements: As our show relies so heavily on incredible performances, we will need to find the very best of the UK's acting talent!

  •  We will have to make the actor's time with us as comfortable as possible and will need your help to pay for their accommodation, travel and catering.

Production Costs: We want to use our Show as a representation of our talents and we would love as many people as possible to see it!

  • Screening - We'd love to showcase our Show to Friends, Family and Donors at an exciting, cinematic screening and we'll need your financial support to make this happen!
  • Festivals - Festivals can really help young filmmaker's careers take off and we'd be thrilled to submit our show to various local and national festivals and we'll need your support with this!

To achieve all this we will need your donations!


We have a number of fantastic awards available for our donors including the opportunity to come to a screening of our show! 

Please look at the rewards section on the right hand side of our page for more information on the different levels of donation. 

With each reward reward amount, you’ll also receive all the previous rewards up to and including the amount you give. 

Please do consider donating today! 

Where to find us

Follow us on our socials for weekly updates on the progress of our project, including Pictures and Behind the Scenes content!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/witnesstvshow/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witnessTVshow/

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Please consider donating today! We look forward to seeing you in the interrogation room…