WNE Women's Basketball Travel Abroad

Help the 2019-20 Women's Basketball Team Get to Italy!

WNE Women's Basketball Travel Abroad
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Completion Date: Mon 24 Feb 2020


This trip will provide our student athletes with an amazing opportunity to experience the Italian culture, to grow and bond as a team, compete in practice and regulation games against some of the top teams in Italy, and so much more. Each and every donation will help make this trip happen. We appreciate your support!

  • Each stop will include tours of cultural landmarks, sightseeing excursions, and team dinners.
  • Foreign/International trips are memorable team-building opportunities. They allow teams to learn and live the life of another culture and to practice and play against outstanding competition.
  • We will play three games against top Italian teams.
  • The team will spend 10 days in Italy, including stops in Florence, Lake Como, Rome, San Marino, Cinque Terre, and other cities.

Where will the money go?

Your gift will help offset costs for our trip, while enhancing and broadening our experience as Golden Bears.

  • The money will cover our necessary travel expenses to make this trip happen - flights, coach bus, hotel accommodations, meals, tours, site-seeing, and more.
  • If there are any extra funds, we will make sure to use those funds towards making this a memorable trip, improving training equipment, assisting with team operating expenses (video editing program, scouting software, team travel apparel), and more.
  • You will hear from us throughout the entire trip via our daily posts on our Instagram & Facebook accounts.

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We sincerely appreciate your contributions and support! We believe this trip will be a tremendous learning experience for our student-athletes as well as a lifelong memory!