Women in Business Initiatives

Provide opportunities to address the unique challenges that women face in the workplace

Women in Business Initiatives
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As women continue to have an increasing presence in business, women in business at all stages of their career continue to identify a host of challenges and opportunities distinct from those of their male peers. It is critical that we explore, define, and educate one another about these unique challenges and issues ranging from disparity in employment access and compensation to developing critical leadership, problem solving and managerial skills. It is a critical component of our mission to build and fortify communities that create an opportunity for our students to engage with business professionals and discuss critical issues of our time.

Through unique networking and programming including our annual Women In Business Luncheon, we shine the light on issues faced by women in the workplace. Through these educational opportunities, we seek to encourage all our students to develop their own personal and professional skill sets, to build their network, to understand the challenges of inequality in the workplace and to harness the resources around them so that they are well-prepared to create value for their organizations and society.

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