Women in Chemistry Conference

Empowering young researchers with talks from inspiring female leaders in chemistry

Women in Chemistry Conference
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Completion Date: Fri 28 Sep 2018

our project

Whilst more females are enrolling onto chemistry degrees across the UK, the proportion of female chemists in both academia and industry is still inexcusably low . The Women in Chemistry Group at the University of Nottingham want to change this by empowering postgraduate students and young researchers to consider their future careers in chemistry with inspiring talks from female leaders in both academia and industry.

Coinciding with International Womens Day which takes place on Friday 8th March 2019 the event would feature six fun talks from national experts in both academia and industry on their groundbreaking research. The 40 minute talks would also have a focus on their career progression, how they maintain their work life balance and what advice they would give to their 25 year old self.

The idea behind the event would be to have female-only speakers for International Women's Day, but to make the event inclusive and appealing for everyone to attend . This event would help to highlight the issue of women in STEM careers to the wider community who may not necessarily know that much about why it is an issue, or why it is important. We would like the event to have a community feel , celebrating the successes of the females currently in industry and promote networking between the attendees and speakers. The event will also help encourage more women in postgraduate degrees and early career research across the UK to consider further careers in STEM.

However, we urgently need your support in raising the money required to make this great event happen!

Who are we?

The Women in Chemistry group at the University of Nottingham is a group of like minded postgraduates who are working closely with the Equality and Diversity Committee to empower young female scientists to achieve their ambitions and consider the milestones to reach their future dream career paths.

our story

The inspiration for this event came from having been fortunate enough to attend a number of events surrounding inclusion and diversity in chemistry. One of these events was a reception where a number of scientists told 'chemistry stories' about where they came from and how they ended up where they are in their careers. We came back to Nottingham inspired to hold a conference of our own in a similar style, on the theme of Women in Chemistry, something we are both passionate about.

If there were really no barriers to careers in STEM, we would see equal numbers of men and women in these positions, however unfortunately this is not the case: A recent report by the Royal Society of Chemistry showed that the proportion of women and girls in chemistry changes from 44% at undergraduate level to just 9% at professorship level in the UK. The women that do make it to professor level have made remarkable contributions to the chemical sciences; the problem is not so much of a 'glass ceiling' as a 'sticky floor' for women in STEM. We wish to hold this conference as a means of positive action towards overcoming some of the issues which prevent women from realising the full potential of a career in chemistry.

Where will the money go?

Primarily, our funds will contribute towards the venue, food and hiring speakers .  Since the conference is planned to last 6 hours in the middle of the day, we would like be able to provide food and refreshments for everyone attending. Also, as our speakers will be travelling from different cities in the UK to participate voluntarily, we also would like to cover our speakers' travel expenses .

If we exceed the minimum amount required to run the conference, we can look reducing the registeration fee or consider hiring international speakers at the top of their fields. However we would like to keep the majority of the speakers from the UK as we have many inspiring female leaders locally we would love to showcase!

To help cover the costs of hiring speakers, we propose a small attendance fee of £25 per person. For this price, attendees would get a full day ticket, food and refreshments as well as the opportunity to present a poster at one of the session breaks. At £25 per person, a conference of 100 people would provide £2500 in funding, this would allow us to hire the best speakers possible to make it a worthwhile event for researchers across the UK to attend. We are also looking for other avenues of funding including company sponsorships.

Here's the breakdown of our costs:

Venue hire:                £0

Catering:                     £1500

Promotional Material:     £500

Printing (Programme):                             £50

Speakers' expenses: (estimated at around £75 per speaker x 6) = £450


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For more updates about the conference, follow us on our social media page or contact us via our email!

Twitter: @womeninscience4

Email: rhona.savin@nottingham.ac.uk

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