Women's Center: Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence

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At the Women's Center, we strive to be a campus model that serves as a safe and healing space for survivors’ of power-based violence personal, emotional, and academic well-being and success. We also work to support their friends, classmates, professors and colleagues in accessing critical resources and skills to diminish sexual violence on our campus.

We often receive feedback from campus members that the Women's Center is recognized as a leader in advocating for survivors of sexual violence. We are proud to support UMBC’s Retriever Courage initiative because we can't do this work alone. Survivors of sexual violence require a community of support. 

Let Survivors know you STAND BEHIND THEM

We see you. We believe you. You matter. This is what we as a community need to let survivors of sexual violence know and feel. These three statements can help start the healing process. It tells survivors that you're behind them in their healing. It tells our greater community that we refuse to let rape culture dominate our world view. This philosophy guides our work with courage. 

Can survivors of sexual violence count on your support today? When you give, it helps the Women's Center expand its platform for raising awareness and access to resources. 

During this critical time at UMBC and within the greater global movement of Me Too, the Women’s Center is proud to expand our work of supporting survivors and addressing sexual violence on our campus and beyond. The Women's Center, in partnership with Retriever Courage, is reaching more students, faculty, and staff than ever with our support services and workshops. Last year, we experienced a 142% increase in support of individuals seeking the Women’s Center’s support related to power-based violence. We nearly quadrupled the amount of people reached through the important work of training students, faculty, and staff about best practices for supporting survivors of sexual violence. 

Take Back the Night continues to be a pivotal healing experience for survivors and their allies. Moreover, the Women's Center has sustained a partnership with the student organization, We Believe You, to host a weekly discussion group for survivors of sexual violence. The group is currently supporting an unprecedented numbers of survivors seeking healing and support through this experience. 

Your gift, whatever the size, make a difference in supporting our capacity to provide care and healing. You decide what amount to give, but please do give today.

Thank you, in advance, for your support and generosity. The work of the Women's Center would not be possible without the financial support from our friends and allies. 

Your gift will change lives.

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