To share findings on children in Northern Ireland

Joining a spina bifida and hydrocephalus conference in Italy

To share findings on children in Northern Ireland
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A short summary of your project

I'm raising £700 to join a conference on spina bifida and hydrocephalus in October 2018- where I will be sharing the findings of my research being done on children with spina bifida attending primary schools in Northern Ireland. The findings of the research will ultimately help the stakeholders and policy makers to discuss evidence based plans in the service delivery for the children with spina bifida and their parents and caregivers.

Who are you?

I am a public health researcher with a specialisation in epidemiology.

Your story

What am I doing this study and why?

I am looking at the cognitive development of children born who are born with a birth defect called spina bifida- this may affect their ability to walk and/or carry out day-to day-tasks.

Why is this important to us?

Northern Ireland has the highest birth prevalence of Spina Bifida in Europe, and there has been not study done on cognitive development of children with spina bifida at a national level in Northern Ireland yet.

Why should it be important to a donor? What impact will they have by giving money?

The findings on chidlren could be shared at a conference where I will suggest for timely evidence based service delivery to the children so that they can be pushed to their full potential on cognitive abilities and educational performance in their childhood and adulthood. The ultimate aim is to see these children being a fruitful product for their country and for their quality of life.

Where will the money go?

The money raised from this crowdfunding will be solely used to pay for the booking fee of this conference and cover travel costs.


  • I will bring a summer postcards/fridge magnets from Bologna, Italy for each donor if the minimum target of £400 is reached.